Denim, Gingham, And More Farm Fresh Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to the look and feel of your home or office. (It’s almost like they’re made up or something.) For a while now, contemporary decor trends like minimalism and mid-century modern have loomed large over modern farmhouse design ideas. 

However, for many folks who grew up in far more traditional homes, these more contemporary looks can feel intimidating and a bit cold. Add to that the lessons of the last few years about how important your home’s design can be, and you may be longing for other alternatives.

Enter the joy of modern farmhouse design style — the great interior design peacemaker. Not comfortable being cold and also not signing up for cluttered or overly knick-knacky, modern farmhouse design is the best of both worlds.

Today we’ll head out to the farm, so to speak. We’ll clear up what modern farmhouse design style is, look at examples of folks who’ve taken the leap and made over their interiors, and go one step further by giving you ideas for ways you can do the same.

All You Need To Know About Modern Farmhouse Design Simplified

Simple yet warm.

We love the simplicity of contemporary design. We don’t love how that simplicity can sometimes feel unwelcoming. Modern farmhouse design rises to that challenge. While keeping things generally uncluttered, it leans on natural and reclaimed textures to offer simplicity and warmth.

Modern yet functional.

With upholstery fabrics, the “modern” in a modern farmhouse is found in earthy neutrals like white, tan, and grey. But no taut overly firm pieces here. Think comfy and snuggle-friendly. Farmhouse design recognizes that your spaces need to be able to be lived in. 

Free-flowing yet put together.

Modern farmhouse style and styles like boho chic share a love for all things eclectic. However, modern farmhouses use details and decorations to sew a narrative, to tell a story about the people who call the space home.

Cozy yet clean.

All of this adds up to the modern farmhouse style offering all the sink-in coziness of traditional interior design with the elevated sense of clean, considered design of more contemporary styles.

Find Your New Design Style In These Modern Farmhouse Transformations

Knowing about modern farmhouse style is great, but visualizing it in your space is a whole other thing. Let’s look at a few farmhouse makeovers to give you a sense of what a before-and-after might look like for you. 

First a couple of super thorough tours. We love how Southern Living offers a look at modern farmhouse makeover possibilities for every nook and cranny. And designer Jenna Sue’s tour of her 1970s home renovation is non-stop before and after shots covering every room in the house. (Also, nothing to do with modern farmhouses, but that view. Wow.)

Now let’s get more specific.

Get a sense of what your new bathroom could look like from DIYer Kelly Marie. She takes hers from an outdated ocean theme to an uncluttered, functional modern farmhouse look.

Jamie Bittinger invites you into her traditional midwestern home to check out her kitchen renovation. Just refreshing that one (decidedly high traffic) room feels like a whole new house.

For a deep dive into what a bedroom redesign might feel like, Amanda at This Crazy Life compiled her favorites. She walks you through a budget-friendly DIY of not one, not two, but three bedrooms as she takes them from fading to modern farmhouse fab. 

And there are loads of resources to help you with the details. Like these ideas from Sara Joy, who offers 10 simple ways to get farmhouse style in your home. Or if super chic is the priority, check out these 9 stunning modern farmhouse transformation ideas from Erica Nichols at City Girl Gone Mom.

There’s No Place Like Home: For Denim, Gingham, And Country Prints

Real talk — sometimes upholstery is a real hassle. (Not with KOVI, of course, but at other places. *wink*) Kidding aside, choosing the “right” upholstery to go with these other colors and textures to fit some grand design vision can feel overwhelming.

That’s what we love about modern farmhouse design. It’s simpler. Because it’s simpler. 

Again, as a rule, your big pieces will be neutral, earthy tones — functional, simple, and clean. Pops of pattern and color are used playfully but sparingly. And, usually made out of woven cotton or a cotton blend, denim, gingham, and country-themed patterns come by all that simple, grounded design vibe naturally.


Denim’s performance and texture are for so much more than your favorite jeans. Take your sofas clean and inviting with pearl white denim or more off-white and natural with oyster color. 

Curtains in powder blue denim offer a lift to your windows, while a subtle taupe can offer definition without pulling the eye from accents. Give armchairs their own vibe in metal gray without spoiling your neutrals or — not to be left out of the fun — try actual denim blue

(All the light colors making you a bit twitchy? Fear not. They’re Crypton-strong. So you can have style and functionality, too.)


You might not know the word gingham, but you know gingham. As the folks at Masterclass put it, think Dorothy’s iconic dress in The Wizard Of Oz — a small-scale checkered print right at home in farmhouse design.

Try adding throw pillows in brick red gingham tweed. Or an ottoman impeccably unimposing in indigo and beige. Imagine your office windows curtained in calming cornflower blue gingham. Or kitchen chairs upholstered in juniper green.

Gingham’s cousin, plaid, fits as well. Bring color to any bedroom with bedding, drapes, or a headboard in a classic burgundy and dark blue plaid. Or make it light and lovely pink plaid instead. Back in the family room, large-scale graphite black plaid table runner anyone?

Themed Prints

Part of the fun of modern farmhouse design is in playful, kitschy details that add personality to the comforting feeling of your space. Like with patterned upholstery accents.

There’s a reason this rustic cabin patterned tapestry fabric is called “Serenity.” With its greens, blues, and gold, it will indeed add a bit of serenity as accent pillows or curtains. Same with this classic bear, moose, and deer wildlife pattern, perfect for just a bit of lodge style. And stay true to the uncluttered modern farmhouse aesthetic while adding a nostalgic cozy vibe with a Wedgewood blue plaid accent armchair.

One Last Tip For Making A Modern Farmhouse Makeover Simple

By now, we’re betting you’re sold on the modern farmhouse design style. With its nod to the clean, simplicity of modern design and embrace of a cozy farmhouse welcome, what’s not to love?

Oh right. The cost of renovating. So we’ve got one last thing to offer you. Here at KOVI we love helping you find the perfect upholstery fabrics to make the spaces you live in spaces you love. 

We also love helping you do that without delay. Slipcovers for the win. Inexpensive and custom-made, slipcovers fit the modern farmhouse design vibe — plus your furniture and budget — perfectly. Your new look is closer than you think. Give us a call today.

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