Parlor Games: The Best Fabrics for Hair Salons and Barbershops

You’re not just a hairstylist, you’re a hair-gician. People leave your chair feeling more like themselves, more confident, walking just a little taller and with just a bit more swagger. But first, you’ve got to get them into your chair. Styling chairs and barber poles are iconic symbols of the salon and barbershop industry, but what about the best fabrics for hair salons that make these places so inviting? And is it even possible to have style and performance

Spoiler: You can have it all.

Today we’ll show you how. We’ll cover what to consider when setting your upholstery priorities, and we’ll talk you through the top fabric options for the unique needs of the hairstyle industry. No one does what you do quite like you. So hop into our chair for a few. Let’s make sure your business decor is as elevated as your hair game.

How To Choose Upholstery Uniquely Suited To Your Hairstyle Business

First up, let’s get clear about what decor you’re aiming for. You want clients to keep coming back and to spread the word about your business. Choosing the right fabric can make a huge difference in setting the tone for your customers’ experience and helping to create that lasting impression.

Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Is your business high traffic or boutique?
  • Is it time for a complete makeover or just an upholstery upgrade?
  • What’s your vibe? (Trendy or traditional? Sleek and modern? Warm and cozy?)
  • Are you looking to stand out or be the neighborhood standard?
  • What do you want your clients to feel when they walk in?
  • What do you want your business to feel like for you and your employees?

As we dig into your options, keep those answers in mind. Clarity about who you are and what you’re after with your salon or barbershop decor makes choosing the right fabrics much easier. 

Here’s what we know for sure: You want something that’s stylish, professional, and feels like you. And you need something that’s durable and easy to clean. We’ve got you covered.

Vinyl’s Victory Over The Wear And Tear Of Your Busy Business

When it comes to wear and tear, vinyl is simply incomparable. Made from synthetic materials, vinyl upholstery fabric is nonporous, so spill all you want — of pretty much whatever you want — and it won’t stain. Wipe it off. Good to go.

Does your furniture ever get things on it like dust, dirt, or, let’s say, hair? No problem. Sweep or vacuum it up and you’re golden. And, because of its construction, when someone slips with their scissors or sits on their keys in a strange way, vinyl is highly unlikely to puncture, rip, or tear. 

With vinyl upholstery, you can clean it, sanitize it, vacuum it — whatever you do you can count on it. So let’s get dreaming.

Dial-up those back-in-the-day feels and take your barber chairs two-tone classic with Maroon and Bone colored vinyl. Both offer performance grade bacteria, mildew, stain, and water resistance, all while saying to your clients from the jump, “Sit down, relax, and share some laughs as you wait for your turn in the chair.”

Is your salon all about sleek and sophisticated? A black vinyl like our Jet will be your jam. Simple and clean with a subtle leather texture, it sets the scene without competing with the rest of your salon’s decor swagger. Or bring pop to your princess palace with the boldness and high energy of Party Pink. The name speaks for itself. And so will your salon’s decor.

Give Your Barbershop Or Salon A Luxurious Lift With Leather

There’s so much to love about luxurious leather. Leather is a popular choice for businesses because it’s comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. With use, many types of leather develop a rich patina, a character all its own. 

Imagine your salon guests welcomed with a tufted accent sofa decadently dressed in Crimson-colored genuine leather hide — a high-performing leather with a subtle antique top coat. Immediately, there’s a sense of being in a world removed from the hustle and grind.

Imagine your barbershop with overstuffed armchairs in a quintessentially masculine Cigar-toned distressed contract grade leather with crackle effect. Suddenly, your shop isn’t just a place for a trim, it’s a mancave getaway, right away for your clients.

And if you’re loving leather but looking to avoid using an actual hide, you’re in luck. Faux leather has come a LONG way. Get the look and feel of leather in your salon’s stylist chairs, with all of the benefits of vinyl. Make it crisp and modern with a leather-grained White faux leather that’s heavy-duty and 100% vinyl. 

Get the best of both worlds with recycled leather. A combination of polyurethane and recycled leather remnants, it has the low maintenance durability of vinyl with a more natural leather finish and feel. Express yourself with furniture upholstered in an Espresso recycled leather. Your patrons will walk in and think, “Now that’s a barber chair.”

No Splitting Hairs: You Can Have Fabric Feels AND Performance

There’s a texture fabrics offer that’s hard to beat and patterns that are practically endless. Great news. You’re living in the age of fabrics like Crypton.

Far more advanced than the old-school stain resistance sprays, the fibers of Crypton fabrics are immersed in treatments before they’re even a fabric. So, most of the time, spills and messes can just be wiped away — because the fibers are sealed tight. 

And, holy cow, are there ever choices

Fill your salon with an air of peace and calm with Iris, a performance-grade tweed fabric. Eco-friendly and bacteria-resistant, it will lift your salon with light and breezy vibes. Bring elevated sophistication to your barbershop with a soft damask patterned jacquard fabric. Its rich blue tone grounds your space while softening it, gifting your clients room for a deep breath and break from the world.

Your salon or barbershop’s design style isn’t just about furniture. Get some pop and pizzaz by framing your windows in drapes made of an Ink Blue abstract geometric patterned Crypton. Or add stature and weight with floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains in Chocolate velvet.

Accent your space with a bit of a smile by decking your chairs out in a vibrant green cross-hatched patterned woven Crypton. And there’s such style power in the details. Like adding some throw pillows with a woven fabric in Flame, a contemporary, brilliant orange, finely patterned floral fabric.

Your Business Decor Can Look As Unique As The Hair Artist You Are

You help people be their best by helping them look and feel their best. That’s not just about bobby pins and beard oil. You’re part entrepreneur, part artist, part hairapist. Your business can — and deserves to — reflect the best of what you do.

Today’s upholstery is up to the task like never before with options galore. Own who you are and let your business wear it proudly. When you’re ready to level up your barbershop or salon upholstery, have a seat in our chair. Getting you the cut of fabric that’s made for you is what we do.  

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