Big Ol’ Softies: Celebrating Velvet, Velour, And Microsuede Upholstery

Do you ever feel misunderstood? As people see you one way, but that’s not who you really are? No one — and nothing — likes that feeling. Now, KOVI is an upholstery fabric company, not a life coach, so why are we talking about this? Because the most misunderstood of all upholstery fabrics — velvet, velour, and microsuede — are making a comeback. And we couldn’t be more excited. 

Classic and comfortable, for too long, they’re been underappreciated for their durability and design style flexibility. Not on our watch.

Today we’re celebrating the resurgence of velvet, velour, and microsuede (aka microfiber). First, we’ll talk about why we love these fabrics and answer some of those common misconceptions. And then, we’ll talk about how to use them in your home for a look that’s comfy and chic. 

It’s time to get to know — and fall in love with — upholstery’s big ol’ softies.

The Performance You Need The Cozy You Crave With Velvet And Microsuede

So what’s to love about these fabrics? Let’s start with the comfort factor. Because when it comes to cozy upholstery, there’s simply no contest. 

Regardless of your home or office interior design style, you for sure want it to be welcoming and inviting. Velvet, velour, and microsuede practically sing a “come snuggle up” serenade. There’s a plushness and softness that evokes comfort and allure, radiates visually, and rewards at the touch.

(Side note: Velour is essentially a low pile, jacquard-type velvet. In upholstery fabrics applications, velvet and velour are so similar that they’re often referred to interchangeably. We’ll do that here, too.) 

Our other favorite thing about these fabrics is how they look. Velvet, velour, and microsuede add an instant air of sophistication and warmth to any room. And, today, they come in such a wide range of colors and patterns that you’re sure to find one that suits your one-of-a-kind style.

Now let’s tackle some of those misconceptions — while sharing even more of what we love. Because lots of folks think velvet, velour, and microsuede are difficult to use and care for. Not true. At least not in a “deal-breaker” kind of way. We’ve talked before about the benefits of materials like leather being worth a little bit of extra maintenance. These fabrics have a smidge of that going on, but really just a smidge.

Myth #1: They lack durability and stain easily. False.

These ain’t your grandma’s velvets. Velvets and microsuedes are built with durability and stain protection in mind. At KOVI, we even offer Crypton velvets (which could easily be a drinking game in our posts because we’re such Crypton fans). The point is that today’s velvets and microsuedes are built stain, germ, and mildew resistant. When something gets spilled, it’s easy to clean up. Spill after spill.

Myth #2:  They’re magnets for hair and other bits. False.

Actually, this would be the “smidge” of truth part. When you and/or your pets burrow into a sofa or chair, you might leave some hair behind.

But velvet and microsuede vacuum right up. So basic, periodic cleaning, just like vacuuming your floor, will keep them looking great (and the cozy’s worth it). Also, pro tip: choose a color that’s similar to the predominant hair color in your home or go with a pattern — both will camouflage any lingering evidence of an afternoon nap or Netflix binge sesh until your next vacuuming.

Myth #3: They’re too formal. False.

This one also serves nicely as a segway. There’s this old image of velvet upholstery being exclusively for rooms where you formally receive your daughter’s suitors or something. Not anymore. As we’ll look at ahead, velvet, velour, and microsuede can be used in any room in your home. And are especially well-suited for family rooms and bedrooms — often decidedly casual hangs.

Make Your Home A Vision In Velvet That Fits Your Own Unique Style

So how can you use these fabrics in your home in a way that fits your style? It’s a matter of degree. Velvet, velour, and microsuede come in such a range of colors and patterns that you can choose to use them throughout your space in more neutral tones or as a bold statement, or all points between.

Keep It Basic

Imagine outfitting your family room sectional in a cozy subtle sage velvet. Leaving the rest of your room’s decor to offer accents and really shine. Or reimagine your basement as a movie room with lounge chairs in slate grey — all the sink-in comfort of microsuede without distracting from the evening’s main attraction. Try some ivory cream chorded velour on your headboard, giving you the flexibility to update your design vibe through duvet covers, pillows, and throw blankets whenever inspiration strikes.

Make It Bold

Of course, there’s an unparalleled opportunity to add energy and personality to a space with bold use of velvet. Make it positively blush with your unique vibe in a rouge-colored velvet. Or offer a space that’s mellow and chill with dark wood tones and furniture in an eclipse blue Crypton velvet. Or do the opposite with armchairs in a radiant lavender microsuede, surprising with a calming pop of purple.  

Go With A Bit Of Both

Let’s not box you in. How about a bit of basic and bold? Think of accents and details. Some microsuede throw pillows in a light and airy sky blue microfiber or, perhaps, a silvery soft grey crushed velvet — both bring the snuggle without visually weighing down your design style. Drapes in a vanilla velour with a light botanical pattern offer textural warmth and definition but don’t limit or confine the lines of your space. 

A bold accent in an otherwise simple design style could be armchairs in microfiber with a show-stopping faux leopard print. Or a tufted sofa in rich burgundy velvet, eco-friendly and packed with Crypton performance strength. Back to the bedroom. How about a headboard in a sensuous silky champagne deluxe velvet — here’s to many nights of champagne dreams.

Even small bits like a dining table or mantle runner can have a dramatic effect (like a contemporary floral pattern with blue, green, and pink) or can simply add a bit of softening (like a subtle abstract patterned beige and ivory velvet).

Own The Luxurious Sophistication Of Your New Velvet Design Skills

Here are today’s takeaways: 1) Velvet, velour, and microsuede are back — and we’re not mad about it at all. 2) The durability and performance issues of the past are no more — nothing to fear here. And, 3) There’s a way for you to incorporate these fabrics and elevate any space — take it basic, bold, or a bit of both.

Velvet is underground no more. And no matter how you use them, velvet, velour, and microsuede fabrics are sure to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home or office (or home office). 
Give us a call anytime for a helping hand along the way. And go ahead and indulge in these big ol’ softies!

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