Spring Interior Design Trend: Earthy Pastels

Looking for an excuse to prepare for spring? Then maybe you’ll want to look into adding pastels to your décor style. But don’t feel limited to muted pinks and faded blues. Designers are rethinking pastels. A new trend is earthy pastels.

These are colors that take their tones from nature. That might mean highly muted pinks, light naturalistic greens and lavenders that are closer in shade to the actual flower. Another hallmark of earthy pastels is to combine them with earthy, light neutrals, like natural sand shades, slate greys, and light browns.

The photo above gives a good look at how an earthy pastel look might take shape. The textured, muted pink looks almost sandy in texture. Wood pieces and plants give a more earthy look. Slate grey marks the rug.

If you’d like to try earthy pastels, below you can see some fabrics that fit in with this look. You can also see some classic pastel shades here.

Fern Green Soft Microfiber

Serenity Rose Vinyl

Lavender Microfiber

Sandstone Imitation Leather

Slate Grey Vinyl

Decorate Your Home With Earthy Pastels

Earthy pastels are the lighter colors we see in nature. Think of the light green, pink, and lavender we see on flowers. If you want to use this trend in your decor, you’ll need to find the best fabric. Kovi Fabrics offers upholstery in all these colors. Our fabric is high-quality, available at mill prices, and we always hold sales. See the fabric that’s on sale now.

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