Spring Interior Design Trend: New Neutrals

Are you looking to breathe some lighter color into your home for spring design? Then you’ll want to look at “new neutrals.” This spring design trend takes a more colorful approach to neutrals. It calls for pale pink, soft grays, hunter-greens, or navy blues. The style keeps to more plain colors that go with everything. But also isn’t afraid to celebrate those colors.

A good example of the trend is the photo above, which combines a pale cream color with shades of muted blue. It still can look neutral and go with just about anything. Yet it also brings its own dose of color to the party.

Want to try out the new neutrals? You can see some new neutral selections below, like those pale pinks and soft grays. You can also see some more classic neutral shades here.

Petal Pink Solid Suede

Gray Silver Animal Skin Texture Vinyl

Navy Animal Skin Texture Vinyl

Hunter Green Soft Microfiber

Do You Need New Fabric for Your Spring Design?

This spring design trend uses “new neutrals,” which are colorful versions of neutrals. Kovi Fabrics offers all these colored fabrics and more. Plus, we always get new inventory. Check out our newest fabrics.

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