The Eclectic Style of Iris Apfel’s Apartment

The lady above is Iris Barrel Apfel. She was a big deal in the interior design world, reaching a point of fame for it. She has even worked on designs in the White House. She’s also something of a textile tycoon. Much of her career was spent running a company that specialized in restoration. So Architectural Digest gave us a look inside her hyper-stylish eclectic interior New York City apartment.

Her apartment boasts an eclectic taste for lavish fabric styles. Large-scale floral fabrics, abstract patterns, and bold-colored velvet all sit within the same room. To complement her eclectic interior, she has a very busy décor style. The style features bright flowers, classic art, old-fashioned metal picture frames, floral-themed rugs, antique lamps, and distressed wooden pieces like dressers.

If you’re looking to try a style like this one, you’ll want to aim for eclectic art and furniture styles. That will help the different fabric textures seem like they belong together. In addition, you can see some fabric patterns below that match this free-spirited style. Otherwise, you can see all floral fabrics here and all velvet fabrics here.

Tropical Cotton Upholstery

Silk Drapery and Upholstery

Soft Velvet Upholstery

Do You Want an Eclectic Interior in Your Space?

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