Combining Leather With Other Textures

If you love the natural look of leather decor, don’t feel like you’re restricted to just one texture. The chair above shows how well leather works with multiple textures. The fabric cushion and the velvet pillow create just enough contrast with the leather chair. Yet the shades of brown all complement each other nicely.

The classic brown shades of the piece above help complement a décor style with a cozy, regal, and traditional atmosphere. A leather chair like this looks good in a study, home library, cozy reading nook, or living room.

The multiple textures of this chair look good in styles that have rich collections and lots of textures, like the study in the photo above. The multiple textures of the chair match the visually intense nature of the room. There’s the rich rug, plaid wallpaper, a checkered throw, and lots of photos and collections on the shelves that are all just begging to go with a multiple-fabric chair.

If you’d like to try a similar style, take a look at our genuine leather selections matched with textured fabrics below. These would look great as leather chairs with fabric cushions, like in the photo. You can also browse all genuine leather selections here.

Dark Cedar Brown Genuine Leather


Light Brown Solid Tweed


Chestnut Brown Genuine Leather


Brown Plain Damask Upholstery


Buckskin Brown Genuine Leather


Brown Small Scale Chenille


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