Hop To It: It’s Not Too Late To DIY Your Easter Decor

Hippity, hoppity, Easter really is on its way. In fact, it’s just around the corner. But it’s not too late to add some color and cheer to your home with some DIY Easter decorations. Because creating your own holiday decorations is a whole other level of fun, and you get to celebrate the holiday with decor that fits your home and budget to a T.

As you know, there’s one super versatile material we’re particularly fond of for just such occasions — fabrics.

So today, we’ve done some Easter egg hunting, err, make that Easter DIY decorating hunting for you. (You’re on your own with the eggs.) We’ll get your creativity blooming with a quick hippity-hoppity through some ideas you can use to create a variety of last-minute Easter decorations using fabric. From wreaths to garlands, table runners to napkins, and baskets to bunnies, the possibilities are endless. 

A Quick Guide To Easter Decor Colors For Your Home

Before we jump into tips and ideas about fabrics and easy Easter decor, let’s talk about colors. Halloween’s got orange, black, and white locked in. Christmas is all about reds and greens. What about Easter?

There’s actually a lot of flexibility when it comes to the Easter color palette. Especially, if you’re looking to primarily emphasize the playful spirit of the season in your design vibe. 

The basic rule of thumb is simple: pastels and more pastels. Pink, green, yellow, blue, violet, white, red, and even orange. Just keep them pale and bright. There’s a rejuvenating airiness in the vibe. Think spring, uplifting, and light. Now, on to the main event.

Welcome Spring And The Easter Holiday With A Wreath

Holiday decorating is kind of like getting dressed up. You look at your outfit in the mirror, and realize what’s missing and would pull the whole thing together is a scarf or necklace. That’s where things like wreaths and garlands come in.

Now, you may think of wreaths as only useful for Christmas time. Consider this your permission to think again. Imagine, instead, your home’s front door adorned with a bright springtime holiday wreath playfully welcoming visitors with life and energy. And fabrics can make it sing with whatever welcome suits you, from bright seasonal pastels to earthy springtime neutrals. 

Like this burlap wreath how-to from Laura Janning at Duke Manor Farm. We love how she uses the texture and tone of burlap not only to speak to the time of year but also set the stage for whatever bits of colorful detail you want to add, like pastel ribbons, eggs, or some foliage. Of course, you can keep the country/earthy tone but not the burlap.

Instead, try a classic gingham pattern in airy pastel juniper green or cornflower blue. Whatever you choose, wreaths are a great way to declare the holiday is here.

Use Fabric Garland To Wrap Your Home In Easter Cheer Quick And Easy

Think once again about how you add a last bit of look-making flourish to your outfit before heading out the door. Only now, let’s head in the door instead and talk about garland.

With what can basically be just lengths of fun fabrics, you can transform a space in minutes. Festooned (a fun word, btw) in sweeping arcs over doors, around moldings, in chandeliers, or threaded around railings — just to name a few possibilities.

Maybe use a simple sheer cloud-white fabric to set an uplifting tone and the perfect stage for more colorful details later. Or maybe a combination of light blue and light green linen offering whisps of springtime throughout your home.

How about lilac linen instead adding everything but the floral sweetness itself? Or for a bit more involved but still no-sew approach, try this DIY from the Mom Spotted blog. 

Let yourself have fun with it. Whatever you choose, the simplicity and sweep of garlands are a great place to start building up your Easter look.

A Colorful Table Runner Can Instantly Add Some Easter To Your Home

Let’s look into more of the details. Whatever the occasion, holidays are times to gather and break bread with family and friends. That makes the table a perfect place to add some playful decor. Fabrics can help here, too. 

For instance, a colorful table runner can instantly add some Easter cheer to your dining table. Try adding a table runner made of watermelon pink or turquoise checkered plaid. Forget choosing just one color and go with a contemporary striped fabric in a mix of bright — but warm — pastel colors. Take it in a more elegant direction with a blossom pink or sky blue faux silk.

And you know what’s great about table runners? You don’t need to use them on your dining room table. Coffee tables, side tables, and fireplace mantles work, too.

An Easter Basket & Fabric Napkins Give Easter A Seat At Your Table

Before we leave the table, fabrics have another trick or two up their sleeve. Dress up your place settings with Easter cloth napkins. They’re fun decorations and eco-friendly, too.

How-tos by the dozen are just a quick search away, but napkins are really as simple as cutting your favorite fabric into squares and hemming the edges using a sewing machine or by hand. They’re simple and reusable time and again.

For fabric, maybe go outside the box a bit with a seaglass blue and green floral medallion pattern or coral contemporary floral pattern fabric; somehow, both playfully vintage yet trendy. Or go with classic striped cotton linen in leaf green or coral red — or both.

And any table looks more like Easter with a basket centerpiece. Sure, you’ll likely add traditional elements like eggs, flowers, or bunnies. But first, dress up your basket with a simple fabric wrap. 

It can be as easy as picking your fabric and wrapping your basket. Go for grounded, simple, and timeless, like a pale purple denim fabric. Or add an Easter bouquet by wrapping your basket in an elegant muted blue and pink floral pattern. The possibilities are virtually limitless — and it’s super simple.

Your Home’s New DIY Easter Decor Is Just A Hop Or Two Away

Our goal today was to set you up with a veritable basket full of easy Easter decorating ideas using fabric. (And no shortage of puns, evidently.) But in the process of writing this, we learned that there are thousands more out there. Like DIY bunnies and bunnies and — you guessed it — bunnies. And also carrots and so much more.

Because, sitting squarely at the start of spring, Easter is a perfect time to add some fresh life to your home. And using fabrics to help you and your family DIY things like wreaths, garlands, table runners, napkins, baskets, bunnies, and more can be fun, easy, and something that you can use for years to come.

As you dig into decorating, we’re here for all your fabric needs and always happy to help. Give us a call or drop us a line today. Happy Easter!

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