Pastels and Retro Furniture: a Match Made in Heaven

Have an ancient chair or another piece of retro furniture? This chair above, featured on our Facebook page, proves that there’s still plenty of life you can breathe into that old piece of furniture.

Pastels look riveting on an antique chair and any other type of retro furniture, as they give a faded look but still impart a burst of youthful color. Pastel colors also bring a level of comfort to whatever ambiance they are in, the soothing colors are sure to bring softness to the room.

If you’d like to try the look above, we have several pastel shades that could work, which are featured below. Or you can find some of the most popular pastel shades in pink, lilac, yellow, and blue by searching the main page by color.

Premium Soft Microfiber Suede


Solid Suede Upholstery


Solid Cotton Upholstery


Solid Satin Upholstery


Soft Microfiber Suede


Use Pastel-Colored Fabric for Your Retro Furniture

If you’re unsure which color fabric to use for your upholstery project, consider using pastel-colored fabric. Pastels have a youthful look to them, injecting a bit of life into an old furniture item.

Did this article inspire your next reupholstery project? If so, shop with us at Kovi Fabrics! We offer the latest and trendiest pastel colors to bring your retro furniture to life. Shop our newest fabrics today!

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