Getting Wild With Animal Themes

Sometimes furniture can be downright cute, as the inspired chairs above featured on our Facebook page show. Using animal fabric is great for unique, retro, eclectic, rustic, or artsy homes. It’s a surprisingly versatile look. Despite their usual use in children’s rooms and cabin furniture, with a little ingenuity, these fabrics can lighten any room.

If you’d like to get this look and experiment with your wild side, check out these examples of beautiful animal fabric. Otherwise, feel free to browse animal themes here.

Zen Pond Theme Tapestry


Cabin Ready! Tapestry Upholstery Fabric


Contemporary Modern Print Upholstery


Template African Upholstery Fabric


Turtle Eclectic Print Upholstery


Are You Looking for Animal Fabric?

Are you wondering how to use animal upholstery? While you may think to use it in a child’s bedroom or playroom, we also suggest considering other uses for animal upholstery. For example, the right animal upholstery can convey an eclectic or even artsy look.

While zoo-themed fabric is a unique addition to any space, finding the right upholstery can be challenging. Kovi Fabrics offers animal upholstery, but there’s a chance what we offer isn’t what you had in mind. In that case, we suggest you take advantage of our custom upholstery services. Click here to find out more.

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