Getting the Perfect Fall Look With Light Leather

Looking to add fall decor to your home? With Thanksgiving right around the corner, some seasonal fall leaves and bright fall decor crimson pillows couldn’t hurt. But could you also do with some new fabric before all those guests come flooding in? The photo above shows how well light leather works with seasonal décor.

Leather itself has a very natural, earthy texture. So it works well with seasonal, naturalistic additions like faux fall leaves and pumpkin settings. Yet it’s luxurious, so it works in any décor style year-round. Getting leather in a lighter color also adds an airy, modern, and neutral feel. Neutral tones work with just about any seasonal décor, from Christmas to Easter.

If you’d like a similar look, below are some leather selections in light shades. Feel free to also browse all leather selections here.

Beige Imitation Leather


Distressed Leather


Pearl Recycled Leather


Taupe Animal Recycled Leather


Do You Need Leather Upholstery for Your Fall Decor?

Light shades of leather have the perfect look and texture to match your fall decor. If this article inspired your fall reupholstery, you’ll need the best quality hide. Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics offers leather upholstery in many colors, including the light shades we recommend. Shop our genuine leather upholstery today!

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