Simply Japandi: Turning Up The Calm And Comfort In Your Home’s Vibe

It seems like the world becomes more complicated and fast-paced every day. And exponentially so. So more than ever, we need our homes to be a refuge from it all. A place that nourishes body and soul.

That’s where we’re headed today.

We talked about the charm and allure of hygge design. Let’s build on that and look at another trend. There are two buzzwords you may have been seeing a lot of recently: wabi-sabi and Japandi. What do they mean and why should you care? (Hint: They’re positively conspiring to turn your home’s vibe into the nourishing embodiment of a deep cleansing breath.)

Today we’ll talk a bit about wabi-sabi and Japandi — what they are and are not. And we’ll help you envision what they can look like and feel like in your home or favorite space. We’ll give you a brief overview of everything you need to know including key elements, textures, colors, and, of course, upholstery fabrics that go into making this design style truly shine — like a peaceful glowing candle.

Wabi-sabi Is The Perfectly Imperfect Start Of Your New Japandi Vibe

Let’s start with wabi-sabi. The first thing to know about wabi-sabi design style is that wabi-sabi isn’t a design style. (Wait. What?) Well, it is and it isn’t. Much like hygge, wabi-sabi is really a philosophy. But since it just so happens to be the philosophy underlying nearly everything you might think of when you think of Japanese style, its elegant simplicity and perfectly imperfect elements are baked into interior design.

For our purposes today, the key things to understand of wabi-sabi philosophy are its embrace of the fundamental ephemerality of life and, subsequently, its celebration of imperfection. In other words, life is short, forget about trying to be perfect. Think simple and rustic. So, that’s wabi-sabi. And, yes, that was a really really brief look at wabi-sabi, but we’ll explore more. Promise.

You Get The Best Of Hygge And Wabi-sabi In Your Home With Japandi

Like right now when we shift to talking about what Japandi is. Because…

Bottom line: While hygge is a philosophy that became a design style, Japandi is a design style inspired and influenced by both hygge (calm/comforting) and a philosophy, wabi-sabi (simple/imperfect/rustic). Ultimately, it’s a hybrid that elevates minimalism to comforting and perfectly imperfect new heights.

Japandi is what happens when designers love those key elements of wabi-sabi and also love the sink-in comfort of the Scandinavian, particularly hygge, design. In a bit of a “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup” moment of getting chocolate in your peanut butter and peanut butter in your chocolate, somewhere along the way, folks decided that the perfect combination to come home to is the combination of hygge (aka, Scandinavian) and wabi-sabi (aka, Japanese). Hence, Japandi.

The Key Elements Of Japandi Design Style For Your Home Simplified

Let’s talk about what Japandi means in practice. If you walk into a home fully embracing Japandi design, you’ll find a home that’s…

  • Simply — A clean uncluttered space with a minimalist approach. But also a mix of furniture pieces and styles. Perhaps some rustic wooden armchairs with woven seats paired with a clean-lined, but soft and welcoming, sectional sofa.  
  • Neutral — Colors are mostly in a neutral palette. But not stark whites or other harsh tones. Instead, soft, gently earthy, natural hues that soothe the eye and mind. Creams, beige, greys, browns, and greens.
  • Naturally — Japandi isn’t just about natural color tones, it’s also about natural elements. Some wood frame furniture, live greenery, and decor made from natural materials are right at home.
  • Alluring — Textures that tantalize. Woven fabrics and furniture fabrics that are soft and sumptuous. Lean natural and simple, but not spartan. Chenilles and velvets, tweeds, denim, and… more on fabrics in a moment.
  • And Perfectly Imperfect — Calm and cozy with enough space for serene and simple. Perhaps, throw blankets and plush shag rugs, candles, and warm lighting, but few decorative accessories and only intentional art or treasured pieces. 

Btw, an accent piece or wall isn’t out of place in Japandi design either. Again, it’s the feeling. It’s not sterile, nor is it chaos. It’s simplicity meets wrap-you-in-its-arms comfort. Imagine yourself tidily wrapped up in a blanket, sipping a piping hot cup of your favorite beverage, listening to your most calming record, and sighing deeply. It’s that, as a design style.

Fabrics That Help You Get Those Japandi Design Vibes In Your Home

What about choosing furniture fabrics for a Japandi design vibe? You’re probably already getting the hang of this. But let’s imagine some typical pieces and how you might dress them up for your home’s date with Japandi:

  • Sofa or Sectional — Let’s start with large pieces. Imagine coming home to relax on your sofa or sectional in beigy gold chenille, creamy off-white Crypton tweed, sage green duck, or graphite gray ultra-durable tweed.
  • Armchairs or Chaise Lounges — Whatever style your seating, picture your favorite family room or reading nook chair in driftwood beige and brown checkered plaid, olive green chenille, Havana grey diamond pattern, or dark blue and brown herringbone fabric.
  • Headboard and Benches — Step into the bedroom to outfit your headboard and changing bench Japandi-style in meadow green diamond pattern chenille, earthy teak brown tweed, luxurious Crypton velvet in a calming natural tone, or striped textured chenille in flint grey.
  • Curtains and Accessories — Finishing touches can polish your look like curtains in camel beige silk or natural tone French linen. Throw pillows in an abstract foliage pattern in muted green or a harvest beige chenille and tweed hybrid, or maybe a sand beige textured velvet.

In this design style, you’ll notice some redundancy in hues and a whole lot of descriptors like warm, soft, muted, earthy, and neutral. If it’s serene and calming, it’s in. If it’s not, then it’s not Japandi.

It’s Time To Give Peace, Serenity, And Comfort A New Home — Yours

Let’s dream one last time. Picture sliding a door aside, slipping out of your shoes, and stepping into the serenity of a traditional Japanese home. Picture snuggling up by a fireside in some Scandinavian Chalet and gazing out the window at the Northern Lights. Mix them together and add in heaping cups of your unique personality and whatever brings you peace and energy. And tada! You’ve got Japandi.

It’s simpler than it looks and it comes bearing so very many gifts. Who doesn’t want to come home and feel an immediate sense of peace, serenity, and comfort? Plus, an underlying sense of come-as-you-are, imperfect is perfect and celebrated here. Well, Japandi went on a road trip with wabi-sabi and hygge and decided to invite them all home — to your home. 

And here at the largest furniture upholstery store online, we’re here for all of that. And we’re passionate about helping you find the right and perfect fabrics for your home’s calm and comforting new style vibes. Give us a call today

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