Fabric Pattern Feature: Southwestern

Want a home like the one above? Kovi has a wide array of Southwestern fabrics to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a funky Aztec pattern or an understated Navajo Sand pattern, there are plenty of fabric styles that will incorporate a flair for the American Southwest into your home. You can find the whole collection of Kovi’s Southwestern fabrics here.

Yet, if you’re new to Southwestern styles or if you want to learn more about incorporating this style into your home, it can be a little hard to know where to start. There’s more to it than just rushing into a home store and buying anything that looks like it came from a cowboy movie. Below are some tips for bringing this rustic, adventurous style into your home.

Choose Natural Colors With Bright Accents

When looking for a Southwestern style, go for natural colors like desert beige, green, and reddish clay hues. Add bright pops of orange, turquoise, or yellow.

Think Southwestern Culture for Decoration

In addition to upholstery textiles, choose traditional Southwestern items like woven textiles with colorful Mexican styles, pottery and ceramic pieces with Mexican styles, wrought iron, and Native American art.

Go Knotted and Rustic With Wood Patterns

Knotted pine and other natural wood styles are sensible picks for a Southwestern feel. They’ll look rustic yet classy and textured.

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