Fabric Pattern Feature: Tropical

Live next to the beach and want to bring some of that cheerful beach culture into your home, like in the home above? Don’t live near the beach but still want a sun and surf theme? It’s easy to bring a tropical style into your home with Kovi’s tropical fabric styles, featuring lush tropical plant patterns or images reminiscent of fun beach days.

If you’d like more of the beach life in your home, below are some tips for applying tropical fabric to your whole home.

Choose Calming Beach Tones

When looking at color pallets, err on the side of bright ocean blues, sandy colors, seashell whites, or bright palm tree greens.

Remember the Ocean Items

The easiest way to bring a tropical theme into your home is to remember the seashells, sand dollars, art depicting beaches, model ships, driftwood, and glass bottles filled with sand. Don’t be afraid to look for uncommon items, like this crab trap that works as an end table. Leafy, tropical-looking houseplants like Alocasia or Cat Palm also add a beach feel.

Keep Views in Mind

If you live near an ocean, lake, or river, remember to keep the windows open to the view if you can. Nothing adds to a tropical feel like water scenes. Another option might be to install a tropical-styled pond right outside a major window.

Consider Distressed Wood

When looking at wooden items, some can be distressed for a weatherworn, seafaring look.

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