A Bohemian Outdoor Living Room

Like a unique, colorful boho look? The photo above shows how well outdoor bohemian furniture can even work in a patio living room space. This is from stylist and blogger Justina Blakeney’s book “The New Bohemians,” and the look is in her own yard.

What works well in this space is how muted pieces like brown wicker with tan fabric are juxtaposed with bright, colorful fabric designs. Bright pottery, flowers, and tables also add to the colorful look. The uniqueness of the space itself is also not something to overlook. A rug, wicker furniture, and shelving make this a creative, functional outdoor living room.

If you’d like to try something similar, you’ll want to start with tan cushions. From there, incorporate tons of colorful, artistic designs. Blakeney also features styles like the Southwestern theme. You can see some of our samples that fit this style below and see all outdoor bohemian furniture fabrics here.

Camel Yellow Tan Leather Texture Vinyl

Coral Sunshine Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

Lemon Zest Orange and Yellow Fabric

Rose Quartz Abstract Fabric

Are You Looking for Outdoor Bohemian Furniture Upholstery?

Did this article inspire you to imitate this space? First, you need the right upholstery. Kovi Fabrics has a massive selection of outdoor fabrics that features these colors, designs, and more. Take a look at our outdoor fabric.

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