Working With Black Outdoor Furniture

When people picture outdoor furniture, black doesn’t usually come to mind. It seems like the black coloring would make the furniture too hot in the sun. But when placed in a shaded area, black outdoor furniture can be as stylish as it is functional. The photo above shows how perfect black furniture looks in a sleek, modern outdoor area.

If you’re thinking of working with black furniture, the photo above shows the sleek option of white and black color schemes. Basic white upholstery balances out the black wicker. Meanwhile, black-striped throw pillows pull the look together.

If you’d like to try this look on your patio, you’ll want a basic white outdoor upholstery fabric. You can see all outdoor upholstery here. Also, you may want some black and white outdoor upholstery featuring geometric patterns. You can see some of our selections that match the style below.

Small Scale Stripe Denim Upholstery

Harbor Black Lattice Upholstery

Onyx Black and White Abstract Print Denim

Tuxedo Black and White Print

Are You Looking for Black Outdoor Upholstery Fabric?

Adding black upholstery fabric to your outdoor scheme is very modern and sleek. But first, you’ll need the right fabric. Kovi Fabrics offers high-quality outdoor fabric in various shades, including black. Shop our outdoor fabrics today!

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