Going Natural With Deep Green Upholstery

Using deep green in an upholstery choice gives a sense of soothing warmth. It also brings a feeling of natural tranquility. The photo above, featured on our Facebook page, proves how well green upholstery works in a natural theme. It’s complemented by the trees outside the window, the houseplants, and the green painting, which vaguely looks like some type of highly abstract forest.

If you’d like to bring similar shades of deep green into your home, below are some selections we carry that are close to the photo. Otherwise, feel free to browse all green fabric selections here.

Green Solid Velvet Upholstery


Emerald Green Solid Velvet Upholstery


Floral Brocade Upholstery


Plain Damask Jacquard


Are You Looking for Deep Green Fabric?

Dark green can create different moods in your home. Since it’s a natural color, you’ll feel the warmth and tranquility you experience when out in nature.

If you love the home we used as an example, you’ll be happy to know that it’s easy to get the look–you just need the right upholstery. Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics has a huge selection of green upholstery in different materials. We have deep green tones as well as lighter shades. All of these colors are available in solid and patterned fabric. Shop our green upholstery today!

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