Hinge Lid Storage Ottoman

The photo above features another DIY storage ottoman. It’s from the blog Anika’s DIY Life. She offers a full tutorial, including how to build the wooden frame from scratch. Once done, the lid opens on a basic hinge system.

She made a good choice for the fabric. The colorful feather pattern adds some playful character to the space. It’s a very lively, animated fabric.

If you’d like to get a similar look, below are some bird-themed fabrics. Many of these are also colorful and artistic, making them great for an artsy, eclectic space for an adult, or a good addition to a child’s room. A few of the patterns below are also on the more muted side. Those are for if you like the bird theme, but want something classic and refined.

Sherbert Orange and Blue Animal Print

Aqua and Burgundy Bird Themed Print

Tide Pool Blue Floral Print

Spa Teal and Blue Floral Prints

Cornflower Blue Floral Prints

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