How to Combine Colorful Bird Upholstery with Vintage Patterns

Home upholstery projects can be truly interesting when they combine wildly different patterns that you’d never place together. Take the chair above, for instance. You’d never think to combine a vintage pattern with a colorful bird pattern. Yet it just works.

The key to making this combination work is to use complementary colors between the two patterns. It’s a simple matter of finding one color within the more colorful bird pattern. Then you match it up in a vintage pattern. That way, the more playful bird pattern will both complement and contrast against the contained vintage style. It will work together from a color scheme standpoint. Yet the two radically different styles will contrast to create some eye-grabbing visual interest.

Want to try a similar project at home? Below are some of our colorful bird patterns that match up with some complementary heirloom upholstery. The last two selections show how the style can also be applied in a more understated manner by focusing on just one color. For further ideas, you can also browse bird patterns here or heirloom patterns here.

Animal Print Cotton Upholstery Fabric  


Heirloom Vintage Cameo Brocade Upholstery  


Bird Themed Print Outdoor Upholstery Fabric


Floral Cloque Brocade Upholstery


Cornflower Blue Floral Print Upholstery Fabric


Floral Brocade Upholstery Fabric


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