How To Match Your Interior To Your Wardrobe

It’s no surprise that those who enjoy interior design also are interested in fashion design. There are endless connections between personal style, trends, colors, and, most importantly, textiles in fashion and interior design. If you’re someone who feels confident in their fashion sense or style and wants to develop an interior to match, we’ve got you covered!

It is not a requirement that your home decor aligns with your wardrobe. However, it would be a bit funny if they were completely different. Together we’re going to cover different types of personal styles and how to edit your home decor to match. 

Does Your Dress Match Your Tablecloth?

Remember a world where upholstery would match wallcovering and carpet? This trend is kind of coming back, and while it’s interesting to see, it’s not required if you’re looking to coordinate your personal style and home decor. 

If you want the patterns and colors you like to wear in your home, shop for materials based on this information. 

On our website, you can filter your search to make it easy for you to find textiles that match your desired intent. 

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for an exact match, you may need to browse in different material types. While we love the idea of your dress and sofa being the exact same (this would be a first for us), you wouldn’t necessarily use the same material for both.

Recovering a sofa requires a durable material that will hold up over time. While a dress would ideally be soft, flexible, and flowy. Can you see why these wouldn’t necessarily be the same material? That doesn’t mean they cannot have a similar pattern and color and match perfectly!

Personal Style Meets Home Decor

We’ve got a few ideas on how to coordinate your fashion and interior design preferences.  Let’s begin by breaking down different fashion styles and the decor choices that best coordinate with them. 

We’re going to get a bit creative and think outside the standard color match. Yes, black and white works with black and white, but what other design details can help elevate your design at home? In true Kovi fashion, we’ve got some textile design recommendations to help get you started!

Bohemian – Texture and a variety of colors are what make up a successful bohemian design aesthetic. Combine natural and saturated tones to get a design style straight out of the 70s flower power era. E0912 Sherbert is the perfect material choice for anyone looking to bring a mandala-style pattern into their home. This textile has a variety of colors in earthy tones, making it the ideal choice for the bohemian design lover.

Vintage – You’re someone who enjoys spending their weekends hunting through antique stores for that one-of-a-kind item. We get it. You like having something that looks a bit different than everyone else. If you’re looking to add a layer of mid-century modern purple, take a look at our textile E8924 Plum.

Artsy – If you define your personal style as artsy, you’re likely interested in abstract shapes and art history. These translate well into selecting different types of material for your home. Anyone that feels drawn to abstract shapes will appreciate the design of E6142 Colypso. Those that lean toward an interest in design history will enjoy the foliage motif of KV971 Mist Juliet. 

Preppy – We’ve noticed in the last few years that preppy personal style now blends incredibly well with traditional interiors. Gone are the days of neutral and brown traditional. You’ll often find pastels, stripes, and other typically preppy designs in traditional home decor. M0339 Chambray is the perfect preppy that meets the classic stripe. 

Minimal – Those who prefer a monochromatic, neutral wardrobe will likely appreciate simple materials with a hint of visual interest. Lucky for minimalists, this has been a big trend the last few years, so it’s easy to find a variety of options to fit your style. If you’re a fan of color, we recommend the material E2076 Parakeet for a pop of green. But if neutrals are more your style, we suggest specifying K1903 Natural Etch for your next upholstery project. 

Fashion’s Favorite Color

Similar to design, color trends cycle through again and again. If you’re selecting textiles to go into your home, always choose colors that reflect how you like to dress. Just because you saw a bright blue lounge chair you wanted doesn’t mean it aligns with your personal style. 

Take a look at your wardrobe and note what colors you like to wear. You may be surprised to see that you have more or less color than you would have anticipated, that’s ok! We like to research within our own homes and use this information for our next design project. Sometimes it’s easier to look at the colors in our closet and decide something is or isn’t for us.

We might be big color lovers here at Kovi, but we believe in editing. Once you know which colors you like to wear, use those shades as your foundational color palette. To us, this is the perfect starting point to build your interior design style. Feel free to play with one to three additional colors that work well with your fashion color palette. Adding these in after you determine which ones match will make shopping for decor and textiles much easier!

The concept of selecting a handful of colors to use in your home can be overwhelming, but the truth is, you already know what you like, and it’s hanging in your closet! You can also use this time to edit your personal style and see if there are any colors that you no longer enjoy wearing and can therefore leave out of your interior design plan. 

Q & A

Question: Does your home decor need to match your wardrobe?

Answer: Your home decor and clothing are two separate ways you choose to represent your individuality. If you’re someone who enjoys wearing a lot of black and white, it would be surprising to walk into your home and see a rainbow of color. With that, there’s nothing wrong with having different tastes for different areas of your life. If you find that one area of your lifestyle feels out of place, take stock of if the color palette aligns with your preferences. Do you think you’d be happier if your wardrobe and interior matched or if they were different?

Question: Is it ok if I like using specific colors in home decor but don’t feel like they flatter me when it comes to fashion? 

Answer: Believe it or not, this is a widespread concern. Many people love the color orange or red but find that they can be very harsh when used in fashion. We’ve talked about design “seasons” on our blog before and feel as though they apply here as well. The concept of design seasons is that your design style most aligns with one of the four seasons based on color preferences. We believe this practice carries over into personal style and appearance. Each of us feels as though specific colors better enhance our features. If you’re someone who has blue undertones in their skin and blonde hair, then cool-toned colors will likely flatter you best. This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate warm tones into your home or fashion! It’s all personal preference. 

Question: Why are interior design trends always different from fashion trends?

Answer: In both areas, trends cycle over time. Today’s interior design trends were likely popular in fashion just a few years prior. Fashion took off much earlier in regards to universal style. If you’re looking to plan what will be popular among design lovers in the next few years, look at what’s trending in fashion today. 

Question: What fabric type can easily blend my fashion and interior design style?

Answer: Take into account which materials you wear. If you live in a warmer climate and wear linen, then decorate with linen. We always recommend taking design tips from your favorite local restaurants and bars. They tend to have very on-trend designs while also staying true to the geographical location. 

Fabric Follows Fashion

Developing an interior design style can feel a bit daunting at first, but with a bit of help from your favorite fashion trends, you’ll be decorating in no time! Pulling together decor to reflect your personal style can take some time, so be patient. It will be worth it in the end to select fabric, furniture, and textiles that you love. Let us know which fabric you chose for your interior update. We can’t wait to see how it turned out!

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