Easy No-Sew Upholstered Headboard

Looking for a way to add some extra style to your bedroom? It’s easy to upholster or reupholster your own headboard. A headboard is often the focal point of the bedroom, so it’s important to cover it with the fabric of your choice. And they’re fun to embellish, as the photo above shows. Below is an easy no-sew headboard that you can make at home.

  1. You’ll want to start by assessing what type of frame you are using. You can go about this in several different ways. You can detach and strip a headboard you have now and use the frame as a base. Or you can build your own frame. This alone comes with two different main styles:
  • You can use flat plywood. Measure how long and tall you want the headboard to be against your bed. Then cut to measurements. Add optional legs to the headboard if you are not mounting it straight against the wall. You’ll need the legs if you have the type of bed frame that’s easy to attach a new headboard to. Here’s a sample of what it will look like, from Treasured Rubbish:

  • Another easier option is to simply build only the edges of the frame. If you do not put a lot of pressure against your headboard, like leaning against it, this can be a more Spartan option. It’s light for mounting right to the wall, as well. For this, you’ll measure the dimensions of the headboard, but only screw together a wooden outline, like a window frame. You can see a representation below, from Kindle Your Creativity:

  1. This is where things get a lot easier. You’ll simply wrap some polyester batting around the frame of the headboard like you’re wrapping a present. Then staple the batting in place at the back of the headboard.
  1. Do the same with the fabric, wrapping and stapling it around the headboard frame. You can see what the corners will look like here, from DIY Show Off:

  1. Here you can add optional embellishments. A popular addition is decorative upholstery nails, like in the large photo above. They go well around the edge of the frame.
  1. Secure the headboard to the wall or bed. If you have a bed that came with an original headboard, it may be easier to screw on the updated one. You may be able to attach the headboard legs to the bed directly. Otherwise, you might consider mounting a headboard right to the wall.

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