Make a Statement with These Geometric Patterns

One of the loveliest trends in interior design is geometry. Geometric patterns can be placed in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. And the easiest way to incorporate these elements in your home is by using fabrics for bedding or upholstery.

We’ve gathered twelve different geometric fabrics that will bring some accent to your home. You can have them on your sheets, rugs, couches, and other furniture pieces! 

Blue Mid-Scale Diamond

This blue mid-scale diamond pattern is for anyone who wants to play it safely between contemporary and classic. The bold shapes with sharp edges offer that modern feel, while the blue woven jacquard material lends itself to traditional spaces. No matter the theme of your home, you can use this fabric for an accent chair that will stand out in your living room without being out of place. 

Chambray Blue Chevron Drapery

The chevron fabric, made of zigzagging stripes, is a favorite among designers who want to blend contemporary elements into subdued homes. The soft, light blue pattern adds beauty to your bedding. Since it’s made of 55% linen and 45% cotton, you may use it as a comfortable pillowcase, bedsheet, or comforter. It gets softer and softer every wash without shrinking. 

Beige and Lagoon Aqua Matelassé Damask

Damask is a rich-looking fabric that’s heavy on prints. While it usually comes in a Versailles-like style, this fabric uses an unconventional geometric pattern in a fresh combination of beige and lagoon aqua.

They say a little damask goes a long way, so it’s best used on small furniture pieces like stools, throw pillows, and window seats. But if you have a very plain room, don’t be afraid to overdo it on a huge couch or even one side of your wall.

Waterfall Beige and Blue Hexagons

These beautiful hexagons are perfect for a Mediterranean bedroom that will make you feel like you’re in Santorini, Greece. Aside from the blue and white patterns, which are the undisputed colors of the tourist spot, it also features a light and breathable material made of polyester, cotton, and linen. Use the breathable fabric for your bedsheet to fully embrace the coastal life. 

Graphic Multi-Colored Woven Upholstery Fabric

This fabric combines masculine orange, blue, and indigo triangles with a lovely watercolor effect. It’s very thick and textured, so it’s ideal for home goods like throw blankets and pillows. It’s also perfect for re-covering old, wooden chairs for that mid-century design that doesn’t look behind the times. 

Beige and White Tweed

Looking for a modest geometric fabric for your English roll arm or Lawson sofa? This abstract upholstery fabric has a Greek key pattern that doesn’t look obvious unless you go near it. It has a gorgeous neutral tone that fits a plethora of designs and colors. Make sure to mix and match the sofa with vibrant colored and patterned throw pillows. This will brighten up the beige couch. 

Aqua and Blue Chenille

This triangular upholstery fabric features geometric, small-scale triangles. It does well with retro-style or vintage homes. Chenille curtain fabrics are also the most ideal way to use this textile. Use it in a light-colored and airy room for more balanced and effortless elegance. Positioning it in dark and heavily decorated rooms will make it look invisible. 

Indigo Navy Blue Contemporary Cubic Pattern

This modern upholstery fabric gives that 3D illusion of cubes to add depth to any part of the house. It’s a woven chenille jacquard type that’s made of 100% polyester. The material itself has a high thread count, which makes it great for upholstering your wall. Use it only on one side of your room, so you don’t overdo it. Apply the principle of symmetry, making sure that the upholstered side is the focal point.  

Acqua and Beige Fish scale Design

This high-quality fabric has a fish scale geometric pattern that is available in aqua and tan. The linen fabric is made of 88% polyester, 5% linen, and 7% rayon. Use it to upholster a garden chair or armchair for a casual appearance and breathable feeling. Because it features a curvy geometric pattern, top it with a striped throw pillow to make it look more stunning. 

Baltic Blue Geometric Diamond Damask

This deep blue material is a damask fabric made of 100% olefin. It’s guaranteed stain-resistant, so you can use it to create carpets and rugs for your light-colored floor. Placing the dark-colored rug against light-colored floors and grey walls will create a contemporary, masculine feeling in the traditional home. You can also create a striking contrast with orange sofas and white pillows. 

Onyx Key Beige and Black

Deciding on a pattern for your curtain can be tricky. Too little can make it look boring, but too much can make your space feel cartoonish. Strike a balance with this geometric Greek Key fabric made of cotton, nylon, acrylic, and polyurethane material. The pattern is made prominent because of the neutral color contrast and will make your ceilings look higher than they actually are. 

Brown 3D Abstract Triangles

This heavy-duty fabric has slanted triangles of different brown shades for a 3D effect. It’s made of 100% polyester and will look great on Knole, modular, and Lawson sofas for a desert retreat. Use it against stone walls and dark woods for a minimalistic, rustic design.

The Bottom Line

Geometric patterns remain the bestsellers in the world of fabrics because the prints and shapes are so versatile that you can create various designs with them. They add a touch of sophistication to any simple interior design. 

We hope this article helped you choose a geometric fabric that can accommodate your taste. Leave your comments and questions below and share this with a friend who needs inspiration for home décor. 

There are a lot of creative ways to incorporate geometry in your interior. You may upholster your chairs, use them for bedding, or create an accent wall!

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