Meet The 2023 Color Trends: Plus, Fabric Ideas to Add Them to Your Home

It’s Viva Magenta! Let’s just dive right and share that upfront. The official Pantone color of 2023 is Viva Magenta! Tada! Cool. Now that we have that out of the way… 

Oh, hey! How are you? Happy New Year! Let’s talk about color. Because color matters in the end. You know this. You know what it’s like to walk into a room that makes you feel edgy. You know what it’s like to walk into a room that makes you feel bored. And you know what it’s like to walk into a room that makes you feel calm, alive, or excited. 

Well, that can happen for a lot of reasons, but the colors are way up high on the list.

So let’s talk about color, specifically in the upholstery fabrics you choose. We’ll for sure look at what’s trending besides our new friend Viva (we’re on a first-name basis).

But more importantly, we’ll talk about why and how you can use color intentionally in your favorite spaces. Our goal for our time today is for this to feel like a spin through a 2023 color trend wheel full of inspiring fabric examples — kind of like a fabric color tapas bar. Let’s dig in. 

Quick Look At What The 2023 Color Trends For Your Home Are — And Why

Yes, the color of the year is, in fact, a shade of magenta. When you explore further and look at more colors that are trending and even the nature of the color of the year itself you very quickly start to understand the “why” behind it. 

Because for Viva — like the other colors we’ll soon be exploring — it’s all about bringing saturated, warm, and jewel-like vibes. Our world has been pretty heavy and, ya’ know, really unfun for some time now. Happily, it seems what designers are bringing us is a balm to that heaviness through colors that offer a counterpoint of warmth, comfort, and grounding. 

In addition to the Pantone Viva Magenta tone, trending colors include greens, blues, purples, reds, oranges, pinks, and beiges. All those are plural because there’s an array of hues within each that will get you there.

The through-line with them all is that saturated warmth. Think of rich tones you see occurring naturally outdoors, and you start to get the feeling to aim for. And here’s the last word on the general 2023 color trends (which we’ll then proceed to repeat, well, repeatedly) it’s all about y-o-u. 

Call it an unexpected gift of the pandemic and all the time in our homes, but trends remain decidedly and specifically focused on you, your unique needs and preferences, and what best suits you and your personality — you big ole trendsetter, you.

Here Are Some Fabrics To Choose

With all the colors we’re looking at today, a consistent theme from insiders is to not be afraid of being bold. Now, that’s going to mean different things to different people. So let’s splash around in the color sandbox to give you a sense of the palette range to play with.


We’ll start with the color neighborhood that the star of 2023’s colors lives in. Since we’re doing this inspiration journey a bit tapas-style, we’re also taking some liberties with who’s in the magenta family. After all, when you try to describe it, the suffix “ish” comes up a lot as in red-ish, purple-ish, etc. The key to staying on trend is to stay deep with the color tone. Whatever the root, let there be nothing “ish” about it.

A traditional style vibe can get the 2023 color treatment with a tufted sofa looking luscious in deep purple velvet. Or take your mid-century look classic and contemporary all at once with crisply upholstered wood frame furniture dressed in a warm orange-rust eco-friendly tweed. Or add some lift to your bedroom with a headboard decadently dreamy in magenta-pink textured velvet.

Green Dreams

Since part of the inspiration for the trends comes from bringing the outside inside, it’s no surprise that greens continue to have a welcome place across most interior design styles. 

For you that might mean anchor pieces like office armchairs in mossy green denim twill. Or perhaps a sectional resplendent in rich but energetic emerald green velvet. And for those liking the simplicity of a more monochromatic vibe, green can be its own neutral. Try shades of it like a living room with dominant furniture pieces in jewel-toned teal and lighter shades of green as accents like eco-friendly sage green curtains.

Blue News 

And speaking of blue. Okay, so we weren’t actually speaking of blue, but we wanted to be because trends are embracing the intersection of green and blue, as well. 

Think of the seaside charm and relief of deep turquoise blue faux silk. Or use a dark but dynamic hue that adds grounding and gravitas to a space like a cobalt blue Crypton fabric for armchairs or a wrap-around sectional. Feeling the opposite and wanting to add a sense of expansion? A soft spa blue fabric will do the trick while still falling within the trends thanks to it being saturated just enough to offer that little extra something to the eye.

Neutral, Naturally

With our color journey so far you might be wondering if 2023 is knocking on neutrals. No, indeed no. If you’re inclined to a more neutral upholstery and design palette, have at it. Here again, just look for warmth in the tones you choose.

Like a golden-hued flax beige adding a creamy and uplifting vibe to your favorite furniture pieces. Or a raw cotton color white fabric offering more of that outdoors coming indoors natural feel. And pink is even finding its legs as a neutral for virtually any space. Perhaps bedroom upholstery whether a headboard, duvet cover, throw pillows, or slipper chairs (or all of the above) in a neutral but alluring blush pink chenille.

Your Home Is Ready To Trend Colorfully — And Sustainably — Gorgeous

Our little tour today has departed from our usual vibe a bit so we could give you as many examples as possible of the kind of color palette that 2023 is ushering in. One other thing you’ll notice is that the vast majority of the fabrics we’ve shared are eco-friendly. That’s a trend that continues to build steam in 2023 — sustainability.

So you can have a win-win this year by refreshing your look with new pieces or reupholstering in eco-friendly fabrics full of the warmth and comfort of the 2023 color trends. Colors, sustainability, and a fresh new look. Wait, that’s a win-win-win. 

And for one more win, remember we’re here for all your upholstery needs. And we love to help. Happy New Year!

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