New Look for the New Year: Messy Paint Styles

If you’re looking for a new look in the new year, one of the hottest trends is messy paint styles. It’s especially popular in paint splatter styles and fits well with furniture, as the photo above shows. It’s a fun, freestyle look for artsy or eclectic homes.

Messy paint styles are making their way into homes in all kinds of décor items. Examples include paint splatter pillows, wallpaper, porcelain pieces, credenzas, and rugs. It’s fun to mix these elements. The idea with this look is to be as free-spirited and eclectic as possible.

One key way to get into this style is to find fabrics that match the messy paint look. You can see several of our selections below that fit such a style. You can also view many paint patterns here.

Quartz Black Print Upholstery

Watercolor Paint Stripes Damask

Watercolor Paint Stripes Upholstery

Oil Paint Brush Stroke Flower Fabric

Paint Stripe Print Linen

Paint Stripe Print Linen Upholstery

Are You Looking for Paint Splatter Fabric?

The paint splatter design is a stylish upholstery look. Unfortunately, finding the right fabric can be difficult. Kovi Fabrics offers a range of upholstery in different prints and colors, so you can get the look you want. And if you can’t find anything on our website, you can order custom upholstery. Click here to find out more about our services.

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