Microfiber Upholstery Fabric Inspiration

One of the most overlooked materials in the world of upholstery fabric is microfiber. This textile is a manufactured blend of nylon and polyester, making it incredibly soft. 

So what makes this textile worth a second look? Microfiber upholstery fabric is easy-to-clean, affordable, and mimics some of the most expensive fabrics, such as suede or velvet. 

Microfiber Fabric Inspiration 

When selecting a textile for your home, you want to get the most luxurious-looking and feeling material within your budget. Have you ever noticed that you gravitate towards what always seems to be the most expensive thing in the store? 

The same thing occurs when design lovers shop for home decor or textiles. They find something they love but immediately feel defeated when it goes well above their price point.

With microfiber, we find that there’s no need to compromise in order to find a beautiful material that fits the bill. Our clients are often surprised to learn how reasonably priced microfiber upholstery fabric can be given the quality of the product.

So what makes microfiber textiles a great alternative to high-end fabrics? The rich colors and smooth material give the effect of an expensive textile. Due to the makeup of microfiber, it is also easy to find in a wide range of vibrant colors. 

How To Choose A Microfiber Upholstery Fabric Color

Trends will come and go, but a bold statement lasts forever. When it comes to microfiber, the colors are rich, so we encourage anyone specifying a microfiber material to take a look at the colorful options.

We know bright pink and deep blue are not fit for every person and their design taste. Depending on your preferred design style, we’re recommending which color to specify for your next microfiber upholstery project.

Modern Interior Design

While we’re tempted to choose a neutral color for the modern design lover, we’re making this about color, so we’re going to recommend a soft purple shade like K4103 LILAC. This shade of purple gives the effect of suede material and makes the perfect accent to those neutral materials you so love. The touch of lavender is pleasant and surprising by adding a dimension of interest to your space without taking away from your design. 

Transitional Interior Design 

Haven’t you heard? Brown is back! Some might consider this color neutral, but the overdone grey interior outcasted it for many years. We’re happy to welcome this warm hue and are big fans of the textile K1928 Chocolate Texture. 

The name says it all! If you’re someone who enjoys a blend of styles and finds themselves more “in the middle,” then we recommend browsing this new-again neutral. We would love to see this material as seating in a dining area or side chair if it were up to us. 

Eclectic Interior Design

Does eclecticism equal maximalism? We see eclectic interior design as an amplified version of transitional interior design. You find yourself more in between design styles but tend to go all-in on trends, knickknacks, and textiles. 

Due to the dynamic nature of the eclectic style, we’re tempted to say go green with your microfiber textile selection! Whether you’re more of a deep green person like KV024 Jade or a sage green person like K4101 FERN, there’s a green that will blend perfectly with your eclectic style. 

Traditional Interior Design 

Traditional interior design is making a comeback, and we’re happy to report it has a brand new look. While you can find traditional interiors in just about any color scheme, we’ve been seeing a lot of traditional designs featuring the color blue. We’re all familiar with how a deep navy and powder blue work well as a plaid or print. 

We like to think outside the box and select a material that makes a statement. We’ve had our eye on K4193 SAPPHIRE for the traditional design enthusiast that isn’t afraid to stand out. This cornflower blue shade is a fresh take on the standard classic design style and is sure to impress. 

Mix and Match

If you find that you’re drawn to multiple design styles and colors, we recommend looking into a color combo for your next microfiber upholstery project. Some of our favorite color combinations trending in 2022 are:

  • Purple & White
  • Blue & Yellow
  • Green & Pink
  • Green & Blue
  • Green & Orange
  • Brown & Black

We’ve seen many of these color combinations in the past, and we’re excited to see them making a return. If you’re a fan of Y2K or early 2000s color schemes, you’re going to love incorporating these colors into your space!

Q & A

Question: How does microfiber compare to suede?

Answer: Microfiber is a synthetic material; therefore does not contain any animal hide like genuine suede. Animal hide is thicker than microfiber, making it less comfortable to sit on. If you’re looking at cost, microfiber is more affordable and easier to care for. 

Question: How can I use microfiber fabric in my next design project?

Answer: Microfiber is best used in upholstering furniture such as lounge seating, dining chairs, ottomans, headboards, and more. 

Question: How do you remove microfiber stains?

Answer: We first recommend following any directions or notes the textile or furniture manufacturer provides. When it comes to microfiber, it’s important to address any stains as soon as possible. 

First, dab away as much of the stain as possible before going in with a cleaning solution. 

Always do a patch test of any cleaning solution before applying it to a large area of your upholstery. This is a crucial step just in case the chemical solution rubs away any color or harms the makeup of the material. 

Question: Where can I find microfiber fabric? 

Answer: You can find microfiber fabric on our website. We have a variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from!

Microfiber Upholstery 

We know how important it is to find materials that you’re excited to use in your own home. We enjoy sharing different ways to turn your Pinterest board into a reality with so many options available. Sometimes this means exploring an entire category of textiles you’d never looked into before! 

Microfiber upholstery fabric is the perfect choice for anyone that likes the look of a high-end material at an approachable price point. We encourage you to explore the options on our website and reach out to us if you have any questions about specifying microfiber textiles.

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