Modern Spring Floral Textiles

There’s something unique about the marriage between modern design and Spring floral fabric. We see whimsy, vines, multiple colors, and organic shapes. As for modern design, we envision neutrals, straight lines, and a lot of white space. Because we’re design lovers, we appreciate the combination and challenge that comes with bringing together two conflicting design styles.

Top Spring Floral Fabric Choices

We couldn’t help but notice a few recurring trends in the world of modern floral design. Take a look at the different themes to determine which style works best for you and your upholstery project. Keep in mind that we have additional options on our website if you find a style you like but would like to browse alternative designs. Here are the 2022 modern floral design trends:

Bright Watercolor 

One of our favorite modern textile designs involves vibrant watercolor florals. The watercolor aesthetic is not inherently modern but becomes fresh and new when mixed with bold, saturated colors. For those easing into more contemporary styles, this is a comfortable introduction. 

Our top textile recommendation for anyone looking to embrace the bright side of life would be KV965 Catalina

The colors alone make us feel like we’re on vacation in a tropical location, enjoying a frozen drink on the beach. The florals themselves are abstract, so much so that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that the pattern was of flowers from far away. This is a common theme in modern design, reinterpreting an object’s original shape and form as something new. 

If you want to set your upholstery project apart, this textile will add some serious energy to your home decor update! We also love that this material is made for the outdoors because it would make the perfect patio upholstery fabric. Toss your old, worn outdoor upholstery and throw this material on to set your backyard apart this Spring!

Graphic Florals

You may have noticed a bit of a trend in the modern floral category; juxtaposition. This word perfectly describes the “graphic floral” aesthetic, and if it wasn’t already obvious, we’re big fans of contrast in design! Creating a balance between two opposing styles can appear complicated, but we have a few ideas on how to make the job easier for your next upholstery project.

We selected a unique pattern for this category to show how much variety you can find within the realm of graphic florals. The M8759 Rose print combines the natural shape of florals with a geometric pattern printed on top. Selecting a vibrant print like this can take a lot of the guesswork out around finding a material that blends the two design styles together. 

Here are a few tips on what to look out for when shopping for graphic florals:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Straight lines
  • Significant color contrast
  • Overlapping shapes
  • Repetition over organic 

The goal of modern textiles is to be equal parts precise (clean lines) while also being a puzzle (abstract) for the human eye. Take these tips along as you shop for your ideal modern floral textile. 

Pop of Pink

Does anyone remember the millennial pink moment that was in 2017? This color took over the planet in a new and exciting way, but we haven’t seen much of it since. We’ve begun to slowly see the early 2000s style reemerge in the interiors space, and our old friend pink is making another return.

If you’re a fan of the early 2000s, then this modern pink floral textile is going to be your new favorite. Anyone who thought it would be cool to hang a surfboard on their wall as a teenager will feel nostalgic when they see this print! This print is equal parts neon dream meets skater/surfer style that was all the rage in the early 2000s.

Incorporating materials that evoke sentimental memories are best when used in your own space. Your family members might not be able to appreciate your new upholstered piece, but you can enjoy it in your office, at your vanity, or in your room. You’d be surprised how seeing a timepiece design like this floral print can put a smile on your face each day. 

Just because pink may not have been your color doesn’t mean you too can’t search for colors and patterns that remind you of styles you loved long ago. If you could, where would you choose to incorporate one of these materials into your home? Show us how you bring nostalgia into your 2022 upholstery upgrades!

Miniature Meets Minimal

Anyone afraid to try a modern floral textile will be comfortable incorporating F1488 Fern into their homes. If you’re feeling hesitant about print or pattern, try a more subtle style such as this one with less color and more white space. 

It can feel silly to make minor updates at home in a world where we see whole room transformations in one thirty-minute television show. We’ve fallen victim to this mentality, but we’re here to tell you that these changes add up to make the most significant difference over time! 

Part of the fun of being a DIY-er is the seasonal projects, selecting materials, and watching the design come together. 

You’re a big part of the process, even if you’re someone who outsources the upholstery part. Understated updates go a long way in the world of design. Don’t ever feel left behind if you’re not painting a wall green and installing open shelving just because someone else is. 

Always trust your intuition when it comes to making changes in your home. 

How To Design With Modern Floral Fabric

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate modern florals into your home, here are our top tips to get started:

  • Use colorful prints in already colorful spaces. This sounds a bit obvious, but we say this to remind you that your design update is already going to stick out as something new. If the colors do not coordinate with the rest of your design, it will look like a hand-me-down instead of a thoughtful choice.
  • Ease into mixing prints. If you’re looking to add modern florals into an area of your home that already has multiple patterns, take your time. It may take a few different fabric samples to find one that works well with your existing patterns. As always, we recommend having either a similar color palette or similar pattern style to help the two different materials work together. The textile might look a certain way online, but when your own space appears too blue or too small, you never know until you play with sample options! 
  • Less is more. To us, textile patterns are a piece of art. They tell a story and are the cherry on top of a beautiful upholstered piece. It’s easy to buy a piece of furniture out of a big box showroom but selecting material and creating a custom piece is a next-level designer move! Give your modern floral print its moment by placing it in an area that is not overwhelming or crowded with design motifs. If you’re a maximalist, we get it; you love the look of pattern on pattern. We like to start small and continue to build a story with fabric over time.

Q & A

Question: What colors should we look for when shopping for Spring floral fabric?

Answer: If you’re more of a traditional Spring style lover, we recommend you specify a material with pastels or various shades of green. If you’re not drawn to those colors or prefer something that would more closely match your home, then filter your search based on those particular floral colors. 

Question: Where can I shop for modern Spring floral textiles? 

Answer: We have many options for spring floral fabric here at Kovi! You can head over to our shop here and select the fabric tab in the upper lefthand corner. From there, you will be able to view our drop-down menu and select ‘floral’ as your pattern. 

Question: What flowers are considered modern?

Answer: To us, it is less about the type of flower and more about the style in which it is interpreted. For example, some may consider roses old-fashioned, but they immediately appear more contemporary in style when designed with exclusively straight lines. 

Spring Textile Upgrade

With so many ways to bring modern Spring floral fabric into your home, we know you’re going to have fun getting creative with DIYs this Spring! Bringing patterns into your space is like picking out a new piece of artwork. You’re going to see it every day, so you might as well love it! Sharing our love for textiles with you makes the design world that much more enjoyable!

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