Cabana Couture: Your Patio Can Have Next-Level Resort Design Style

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a truly spectacular resort. And staying at one that’s really getting it right leaves you feeling like a new and improved version of yourself. Heck, even an evening spent perusing the dreamiest of dream resorts online can give you more than a few contented sighs. Of course, resorts vary widely in terms of what they offer and how they offer it. But the best of the best all have their own version of one critical element: the patio. Resorts have many patio ideas–sometimes a hip and happening scene for epic evenings, sometimes a scenic spot to revel in a luxurious locale, and sometimes simply a peaceful hideaway for taking a break from it all.

Whatever the resort uses its patio for, it’s always a destination unto itself, a mustn’t-be-missed part of the experience.

Wait, you probably have a patio. What if you could bring some of that once-in-a-lifetime vacation home to your home? What if there was a way — or a whole lot of ways — to bring some of that next-level resort patio design style to your little oasis? Yes, emphatically yes, there is.

Have a seat. Consider this post your “patio” for a few moments. And let’s sit a spell with some elevated patio ideas you can use for your home. Whether your patio priority is all about function, all about something you want to feature, or simply about being as friendly and welcoming as possible, it can be yours. We’ll get you inspired to do it your way, including finding the right fabrics for your dream spot.

The Key To Your Patio’s Perfect Design Vibe Puts The Fun In Function

When you imagine your patio, what do you wish it could do? Like in your wildest dreams. Fill in the blank: I really wish my patio could be a place for _________. If that blank is a specific activity, don’t be bashful about it. 

If you got up this morning to head out to the gym or to go for a run, did you put on a suit or dress? No, of course not. You dress for what you’ll be doing. Same for your patio. 

There’s no need to overcomplicate the design piece of this puzzle. With some obvious accommodations for the particular climate conditions of your area, the biggest and most basic element to get you on your way to the patio of your dreams is to get clear about how it will function.

For instance, if you’re primarily wanting your patio to be all about your pool, you’ll likely want several chaise lounges, perhaps a small seating area with a table for lunches, or maybe a bar with a tv and some stools. Whatever a perfect pool patio means to you. 

Elevate those lounges with Sunbrella (the reigning king of outdoor fabrics) in classic wide-striped regatta blue and white. Stick with that theme with outdoor dining chairs upholstered in solid regatta blue canvas.

Speaking of dining. Your patio may be all about dining. Make it family-style dining with a classic weathered gray picnic table made comfy and classy with removable cushions in multicolored diamond-patterned heavy-duty jacquard.

Hang outdoor string lights for after-hours ambiance and install a sound system or simply a portable Bluetooth speaker to give a soundtrack for the evenings ahead.

And your patio’s function may be about games, movies, or a million other possibilities. The point is that part of what makes the world’s greatest patios so great is that they get clear about how they’ll function and make sure everything serves that function. 

How Focussing On A Feature Can Reveal Your Unique Patio Design Style

Sometimes what you want to feature is a feature of your home itself. Think of resort patios that are simple, uncluttered, and airy but situated such that every seat offers a spectacular view of vineyards, mountains, or ocean waves.

Is there something about your property that’s particularly enchanting? Perhaps it’s a scenic or skyline view. It can also be a garden, yard, or some element of your landscape. Or something more creative like a mural on an exterior accent wall or a water feature you’ve added. Whatever it is, feature that feature. 

Perhaps a bistro table with cushions in rich forest green heavy-duty UV resistant and water repellant fabric sitting pretty next to an exposed brick wall resplendent in flowering vines — aka, the perfect spot for Sunday coffee and your favorite newspaper. Or set your scenic view free to take center stage with rocking chairs decked out in subtly patterned sangria red cushions for comfort paired with side tables for that sunset cocktail. 

The idea here is that luxury patio design is about noticing what element of your property elicits — or could be made to elicit — the most contented sigh, deepest inspiration, or otherwise most relaxing experience. Feature that feature.

Get Your Patio Design Style Win By Focussing On Warm And Welcoming

For all our talk about how a patio can be made for a fabulous function or to showcase a grand feature, many of the most enchanting patios are notable mostly for the memories they set the stage for. Their magic is in their welcome and warmth. They’re spaces where people can — and do — spend hours with loved ones making those “forever” kinds of memories.

Get there by starting there. What does warm and welcoming mean to you? 

Is it seating like a cozy family room but outside? In an often chaotic and cluttered life, your patio can be just such a palette cleansing getaway. Gather cozy outdoor sofas and chairs around a firepit or fireplace. Again, perhaps add some outdoor lighting and a sound system. Keep it clean and simple with white linen or graphite gray upholstery. Oh, the evenings you’ll while away in conversation.

Or make it contemporary and full of energy with spacious low seating suited for lounging, gathering, or all points in between. Raise that vibe higher with bold colors and patterns. Go small with throw pillows or accent chairs in something like punch pink contemporary tweed. Go big with outdoor furniture in coral, orange, and blue tropical floral patterns. 

Whatever would make your people feel most comfortable and welcome, do that. That’s where your style lives.

Your Luxurious New Patio Vibe Awaits Only Your Wishes And Whimsy

Or do all of the above. Because, obviously, truly amazing patios aren’t limited to function, features, or friendliness. Those are merely handy tools to help outsmart your brain so it doesn’t slide into limitations or design “shoulds.”

The only “should” for you is to remind yourself that your patio should feel like you want it to feel. The gift of the inspiring patios of the world is the feeling they evoke in you. And the possibilities they reveal. All just a bit of whimsy and dreaming away.

So what do you want your patio to feel like? How it will look is just a short stroll from there. And you’re not walking it alone. When it comes time to translate the feel you’re after into the upholstery that can offer that feeling, we’ll be hanging out on our patio ready to help.

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