Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: Pink

Trying to go for a new look in a room? Start with changing the color. Pink colors are a good option for soothing, peaceful rooms. It’s a very positive color that denotes tranquility, warmth, nurturing, and love.

Used in excess outside a child’s room, it could look too juvenile or overbearing, but this shade works great as an accent color. The office above from Classy Clutter shows how pops of bright pink colors work well against neutral white, grey, and tan shades, as well as with shimmering gold. Muted, pale pinks also make good subtle accents that work well with almost any color, especially light grey and white shades.

So with that in mind, below are some pink fabric ideas from the new sale items, or you can find all pink fabric selections here.

Solid Faux Silk


Herringbone Upholstery


Rosie Solid Linen


Solid Cotton Upholstery


Heirloom Brocade Stripe Upholstery


Use Pink Colors in Your Space

Pink colors can be overwhelming but can also make a room look peaceful. To balance the vivid shade, it’s best to use pink as an accent color. And you can start by choosing a high-quality pink upholstery fabric.

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