The Power of Blues and Browns

Blues and browns have always been great together in a room. Brown is a warm yet neutral color, while blue is a cool and soothing color. They work well together and just sort of balance each other out.

The photo above from Instagram user @stacieflinner shows a stunning combination of brown leather and blue tones in the furniture. What’s also interesting about the space is the classic rug and the fine book collection on the shelves. The photo shows how well browns and blues work with a classic, elegant room design.

If you’d like to get a similar look, this one is easy. Just go for a medium-toned brown leather selection for the sofa. From there, you can choose blue geometric designs or dark solid blues. You can see some of our similar fabric selections below. You can also see all blue selections here and all brown genuine leather selections here.

Copper Glaze Brown Genuine Leather

Lapis Blue Plain Mohair Upholstery

Waterfall Blue Diamond Embroidery Fabric

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