Restaurant Makes the Most of Deep-Colored Fabrics

The restaurant in the photo above is called United. It’s a rooftop restaurant in Sydney, Australia. It was a feature in We Heart. The restaurant goes for a very modern design, with a deep color palette, stark geometry, and a gray backdrop.

The fabrics go a long way in adding splashes of color, however. The deep color palette, specifically the colors royal blue and salmon pink, are great accents. The dark forest green booth seats help add depth to the space. Yet they don’t overwhelm the space with bright colors.

If you’d like to try something similar, below are some of our fabrics that boast colors like in the photo. For solid patterns, you can see our pink selections here, our green selections here, and our blue selections here.

Emerald Dark Green Plain Velvet

Royal Blue Metallic Shine Velvet

Coral Red and Pink Solid Velvet

Salmon Pink Solid Raised Texture Chenille

Use a Deep Color Palette in Your Restaurant Design

A deep color palette can be the center of your restaurant’s interior or can be used as accents along with lighter colors. If you want your restaurant to look like the one in the photo, we recommend centering your dark colors around the royal blue scheme with salmon and light pinks to balance out the darkness.

Kovi Fabrics offers these colors and so many more. If you’re looking for new upholstery fabric, check out what we have on sale.

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