Selecting Quality Fabric for Reupholstering Projects

As it’ll come to shopping for furniture fabrics, you think you know what you’re searching for. However, once out within the marketplace as you slowly begin to sift through the available options, it’ll get a bit overwhelming. The choice is extensive as far as material options, quality, fabric types, textures, colors, and patterns is concerned. Ultimately, fabric choice for reupholstering projects will boil down to the fabric brand you select or dealer you opt to purchase it from.


reupholstering projects

Synthetic or natural

It’s the first selection to make. There will include natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, silk, and rayon and synthetic fibers like olefin, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and acrylic. Also, you may pick from an excellent leather and artificial leather collection. Original leather will be available in plain grains and embossed patterns. And synthetic fibers possess a soft texture yet aren’t as durable as the synthetic types.


Durability includes a vital element to think about if you don’t want to repeat reupholstering projects inside brief time spans. If you have kids and pets at home, you have to go in for a material that has higher thread count as they’re dense and will hold up well against tough and rough use.

reupholstering projects


Fabric types

There will include various methods in which fabric will be made. It’s either knitted or woven. On some design fabrics, the design isn’t embroidered, knitted, or woven. It simply is printed upon it.

Colors and Patterns

Upholstery fabrics will be available in many patterns. There will include solid textures and colors, floral patterns, stripes, abstract, and paisley prints. Homeowners will never go wrong with colors because they’ll have a color scheme pre-decided inside their mind. However, as a tip, it’s necessary to keep in mind that darker colors make a small room appear smaller, whereas neutral shades will enlarge the look of a room.

Outdoor or indoor

Outdoor and indoor furniture will have a different requirement of outdoor fabric due to the various elements they’re exposed to. If you are putting the furniture outside, you require material which does not easily fade due to sun exposure or rot by being saturated with water.

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