Selling Your House? Give Your Home A Fast & Fabulous Fabric Refresh

The housing market is red hot. And you’re finally ready to jump in and see what kind of return you can get on your investment. Sure, homes are going fast these days. But how can you get the most out of yours? And does your upholstery factor in?

Obviously, the goal is always to spend as little as possible and sell — to the right buyer — for as much as possible. And there are so many details that can impact that.

Today, we’ll help simplify things a bit. We’ll start with a brief look at some of the standard “must-dos” when it comes to selling your home — and how upholstery fits into those things. Then we’ll talk about ways you can get there with your existing upholstery or by upgrading your furnishings. Now, let’s help you get that house sold.

The Simplified Bottom Line Must-Do When You’re Selling Your Home

A quick Google search of “preparing your home to sell” will bring a tidal wave of possibilities to your screen. It can instantly overwhelm you. But there’s no need for that. Because it’s not that there’s a ton of info. Just a ton of folks offering the same info. After even a few minutes of skimming, patterns emerge from names you know and trust. 

You’ll find Bob Villa advising you to clean and declutter. And Better Homes & Gardens breaks down 12 tricks to help you lift your home’s appeal and price. And the folks at Real Simple are reminding you to take care of pests and paraphernalia. What they all come down to is simple — and a bit paradoxical: In order to sell your home, make it look less like your home. 

But, when you stop to think about it, that makes sense. The idea is to greet potential buyers with a bit of a clean canvas. You want them to see less of you so they can see more of themselves in your space. 

So let’s look at how your upholstery impacts that equation. And what you can do about it. You have your own style and vibe, of course. We’ll just help you get the ideas flowing whether you’re up for big changes or small. And put some of those home sale worries in their place — and off your mind. We’ll start big and then go small. 

Make The Sale Faster By Making Them Feel Right At Home In Your Home

When you’re selling your home, your home — and furniture — needs to look fresh and neutral. Maybe you have some trendy, bold (and no doubt beautiful) furnishings that totally fit your personality. Or your furniture is looking a bit well-loved and worn to snuggly soft perfection, but not exactly showroom ready. 

Either way, your home is no longer about you. It’s about the next happy homeowner. So it’s time to clean up the look of your furniture. 

Believe it or not, when you’re preparing to sell your home might actually be the perfect time to invest in a furniture upgrade. Because if your furniture is looking ragtag and weary, that’s what potential buyers will notice most when you’d rather they be focussed on the space itself.

How about a new sectional in soothing white cotton denim to let the room shine. And continue the neutral feel with armchairs in macadamia beige French linen. You get new pieces neutral enough to serve you well for years to come in your new home. And you clean the visual slate to help people see their new home in your space.

If you’re not ready for new furniture altogether, try reupholstering instead. There’s a range of options including loads of DIY opportunities out there. So your headboard can quickly go from dreary to delightful with something like an elegant and alluring vegan suede rosewood pink fabric. 

And give your office — with that hand-me-down loveseat — an instant upgrade to light and energized mid-century modern. Reupholster in fade-resistant teal chenille which has the added benefit of maximizing whatever light is in the room. You’ll have buyers craving to spend their workdays there.  

Small Upholstery Changes That Pay Off Big When You Sell Your Home

On to smaller fixes. And the joy of slipcovers. Here again, you can make your own or order a slipcover custom-made for your furniture. It can be as simple as just picking out your favorite fabric and in short order — voilà! — your furniture is reimagined. (And your asking price ticks up.) 

And perhaps the best part of slipcovers is you can easily remove them for laundering or changing your look for way less than the cost of new furniture.

Upgrade your dining room chairs with slipcovers in gray and off-white leaf-patterned fabric. Subtle but still stylish. And that super comfy — but wildly worn — sectional? Refresh it in eclipse blue Crypton velvet. (Protip: Using a deep, rich color is an exception to the neutral “rule” perfect to help anchor, define, and warm large spaces.)  

Finally, think even smaller. Using throw pillows and curtains can instantly refresh and uplift any space. 

Clearing clutter, loads of knick-knacks, and leaning neutral in your home is about freeing the buyer’s mind to see the possibilities of the space. Adding pops of pattern or color does that by creating a bit of FOMO, a bit of “Uuu, that’s so cool and put together looking. I wish we had a place that looked like this. Oh, wait! We could have this place!” 

Use patterns that bring you joy. Like throw pillows in sorbet purple and red contemporary-patterned cotton, or offer refined elegance with French blue silk instead. Add texture and definition to windows while also creating the illusion of greater height and space with winter white striped sheer linen curtains. Ground and warm large spaces with windows dressed in deep forest green cotton drapes — so they can see the forest and the trees. (Couldn’t resist.)

Small touches make a big difference in making your space feel fresh and energized — without breaking your budget.

Skip Some Of The Home Selling Stress With Your Fabric Refresh

Selling your home is stressful stuff. And it’s not like you do it all the time and have a whole routine for how to do it.

Think of it this way, if you’ve ever had people over to your house then you know that one of the unintended consequences of hosting people is you somehow miraculously clean your house more thoroughly than it’s been cleaned in months. Right? 

Preparing to sell your home is like that. Except, that the bits of character and personality you might normally showcase, you tone down instead. Like turning your home into the placeholder image in a picture frame — you’re selling the frame, not the photo.

And you’ve got people to help with the upholstery side of that process as you take furniture from striking to subtle or from rundown to “Um, mind if I sit down.” Get there in big ways by upgrading or reupholstering your furniture. Or quick and easy through slipcovers, throw pillows, curtains, and other decorative accessories.

Whatever path you choose on your way to your next home sweet home, we’re here for you.

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