Sewing with Suede: Tips and Tricks

Buttery-soft suede is a popular fall fashion fabric, but it’s also perfect year-round for furniture. Kovi suede comes in colors and patterns that would work in any room, so it’s a great choice for your next weekend sewing project.

Here are some things to keep in mind when working with suede:

  1. Select your project carefully

Suede can be challenging to work with if you’re new to sewing because it has some stretch to it. It’s not as easy to sew precisely as with other fabrics. Start with something simple at first, like a pillow cover or reupholstered bar stool seat, and move on from there when you are more comfortable.

  1. Use pattern weights

This goes for other heavy fabrics, too. Pins might not cut it when you’re working with suede because the fabric is so thick. Pattern weights will work much better, and you can use binder clips to hold the pieces together when you’re sewing.

  1. Check your sewing machine needle

If you’re new to sewing, you might not know which needle sizes work best for different fabrics. A leather needle, which is best for sewing thicker fabrics, will work best for sewing your suede pieces. Be sure to change out the needle if you’ve been doing many projects; the needle won’t work as well after several hours of sewing. You will also want to set the needle to 10-12 stitches per inch or longer, because shorter stitches can weaken the fabric.

  1. Pay attention to the nap

Suede has a nap, so you will want to consider that when cutting and placing your fabric. If you want the darker, richer suede color, then situate the fabric so that the nap goes up. For a frosted variation on the color, the nap should go down. Whichever you choose, make sure the fabric goes in the same direction.

  1. Proper care and cleaning

Synthetic suede is less prone to stretching and wrinkling, and will be easier to care for than animal-skin suede. Real suede should only be spot-treated for cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for your material to keep it looking its best for years to come.

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