Simple and Inexpensive Headboard Hacks

If you’re looking to update your bedroom decor without spending a fortune or months on DIY work, try one of these headboard ideas. This one small project can instantly change the bedroom aesthetic and create a stylish, relaxing space that is sure to lull you into a dreamy sleep. Check out these simple, unique headboard hacks that won’t break the bank.

Upholstered Headboard

For a chic bedroom remodel, make your own upholstered headboard with fabric and wood or heavy-duty cardboard. The result is maximum style with minimum spend.

Tufted headboard

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Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Make your bedroom bang on trend with a headboard made from reclaimed wood. Get as creative as you like here, using old pallets, 2x4s, or even barn wood nailed together.

reclaimed wood headboard

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Shelf Headboard

If you want to create the illusion of a headboard without the actual piece, hang a wide shelf over the width of the bed and display a few of your favorite calming pieces of art and family portraits. The best part about this project is that it can be restyled again and again, so you will never get bored.

headboard with shelf

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Floral Headboard

Bring the outdoors in with the addition of paper flowers and greenery on your existing headboard. This particular project uses a Moroccan-style headboard and weaves West Elm paper flowers through the latticework for a sweet, dreamy finish.

moroccan style headboard

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Headboard Slipcovers

Do you like to change the pattern of your bed linens often? Create your own headboard slipcover from the fabric of your choice with a few yards of fabric sewn together, or create a few pillowcase-style slipcovers and switch them out whenever you want a change.

slipcover headboard

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Storage Headboard

For the extra-tidy homeowner, a headboard with storage is a must. These kinds of headboard ideas can be purchased as is and assembled at home, or you can get creative and make your own, allowing for as much or as little storage as you need.

headboard with storage

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Art as Headboard Ideas

Another no-headboard solution is a large piece of art (or three, as the case may be here) hung low above your bed. Prints can be easily swapped around, so whenever you need another update, simply hang a different print. This project is one of the easiest around since even the least DIY-savvy homeowner can likely successfully hang pictures on the wall.

headboard art

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Door Headboard Ideas

If you like the idea of a reclaimed wood headboard but want something with extra personality and eclectic style, use an old door instead. You can use any old door you may have lying around or get extra green points for sourcing your door from a flea market or thrift shop. The shabbier the door, the better the vintage result.

old door as headboard idea

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Stikwood Headboard

Stikwood is a fascinating alternative to hardwood flooring, consisting of many rectangular wooden tiles with a sticky backing. Buy as many as your need in your chosen varnish and apply to a plain bed frame (the frame used here is the Ikea Malm frame) or apply directly to the wall for a truly unique headboard project.

stickwood headboard idea

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Wrought Iron Headboard

Wrought iron bed frames are elegant but can be very expensive. If you want to dress up your bed frame without springing for wrought iron, take a salvaged piece of iron fencing and paint it the color of your choosing for a stylish frame on the cheap. No one will ever know the difference!

wrought iron headboard idea

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Nightlight Headboard

This clever DIY project utilizes old Christmas lights threaded through a large piece of plywood and painted to resemble the night sky. The result, although slightly more time-consuming than the other projects here, is a whimsical night sky scene with a built-in nightlight. Who doesn’t love a multifunctional piece of furniture?

nightlite headboard idea

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Mantlepiece Headboard

When you want to replace your existing headboard with a solid wooden frame, consider reusing an old mantelpiece or a few sheets of plywood with crown molding on the top. This project is very straightforward and only requires a coat of paint to make it fit seamlessly into your bedroom.

mantlepiece headboard idea

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Tiled Headboard

For a headboard hack that is sure to leave your friends and family saying, Wow!, apply faux tiles with a geometric pattern onto the wall behind your bed. A project like this is super easy and cheap, costing you only as much as a dozen or so foam tiles and the time it takes to apply them to your wall. Just make sure you use a level!

tiled headboard idea

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Creating a stunning headboard that impresses and completely changes your bedroom space doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. At Modernize, we are always looking for imaginative and unusual ways to spruce up tired spaces. All you need is a bit of time and a creative push in the right direction. Consider this yourself pushed, so get styling!

by Kaitlin Krull

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