A Stunning Red Leather Sofa Gives Class

Nothing’s quite as comforting and classy as a deep red sofa. The photo above shows how well a red leather sofa works with deep wood paneling and fine art. It also works well with colorful pieces like the red and blue rug. It’s truly a comforting, classy addition to a style that speaks of sophistication.

A red sofa would work in just about any elegant and sophisticated décor style. It works as a nice focal piece against neutrals. A red leather sofa also adds more warmth to warm, deep wood pieces. Something about red leather also makes it look like it belongs in a ritzy personal library. At the same time, the bright shade allows it to work in an eclectic, artsy style.

If you’d like to try out red leather, below are several of our red selections from our genuine leather collection. The deeper shades evoke the same warmth and elegance as the piece above. You can also browse all of our genuine leather selections here.

Red Solid Genuine Leather


Terracotta Red Genuine Leather


Burgundy Red Genuine Leather


Red Cherries Genuine Leather


Do You Need Upholstery for Your Red Leather Sofa?

If this article inspired you to reupholster your leather sofa, you’ll need some red hide. Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics offers different colored hides, including red, to achieve the look you want. Our collection is from the best leather tanneries in the world, so you can feel confident you’re buying the highest quality hide.

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