Curtain Call: The Latest Curtain Trends, Tips, And How-Tos

At the risk of sounding all Jerry Seinfeld, what’s the deal with curtains these days? No, seriously. Are they in style or out of style? If they’re in style, what kind, style, or fabric should they be? And — the ever-intimidating question — what length should they be?

Like so many things in interior design, the answers are much less complicated than you might think. Or, at the very least, they’re more accessible than you might think. For starters, yes, they’re in style. Also, no, they’re out of style. Depending on your style.

Today is the curtain call for all your curtain questions. We’ll scroll through the lot of them, from understanding how and where to use curtains (turns out they’re super useful), to what look is right for you (turns out that’s all about, ya know, what’s right for you), and a brief bit on how to DIY them (turns out you can totally DIY it). All you need to know about curtains trends, tips, and how-tos await. Let’s begin.

Curtains Are The Secret Sauce Of Design Style — And Function

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Let’s clear up that muddy “yes and no” answer to the question of whether or not curtains are in style. 

You’ve likely noticed that for some time now, interior design has been trending minimalist. If your particular home or office style is modern and minimalist to the point of reveling in a nearly spartan vibe, you might be better off with blinds or other shades rather than curtains.

But for virtually all other scenarios, curtains are decidedly still in style. Because they are decidedly so darn functional.

First, they make you taller. Okay, they don’t actually make you taller. But hanging drapes or curtains above your windows and closer to the ceiling does visually create greater height in your space — hence, it feels taller.

Second, there’s the impact of where the length lands. Ah, the eternal curtains question: above the floor, at the floor, or puddling on the floor? (Answers: Just don’t, that works, and generally for formal areas only.) So, for most situations hanging them, such that they land on the floor conveys “stylish and put together but not overly formal.”

Third, they add a vibe. Zhuzh up an otherwise neutral space instantly with a set of curtains in a bold color or pattern. Same with the flip side for already boldly decorated spaces — more on this in a bit. 

Fourth, is hardware. Choices around single, double, or triple rods, as well as pocket hanging versus grommets or rings, are simultaneously about style and function. But the bottom line is all of these work in today’s design and can be used to reinforce a spectrum of styles, so you do you and trust your instincts.

Finally, there’s the question of curtains vs. drapes. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Simply needing to finish the look of a room, add a style accent, or create a bit more privacy without blocking the light? Curtains — usually lighter and unlined — are for you. Looking to add weight, formality, or block out light with the mere slide of a panel? Drapes — typically heavier fabrics, often with a lining — are the winner. 

Think of it like whiskey and bourbon. It’s all whiskey (curtains), but some whiskeys are bourbon (drapes). Knowing their differences doesn’t make them more effective, but it does make finding what’s right for you a bit easier. 

You Can Choose Curtains And Drapes That Serve Your Every Taste

So far, you know that, yes, Virginia, curtains are still in style. And you know that curtains are powerhouses functionally. And finally, you know that — once again — the joyful design “secret” rule is that it’s about you and whatever style vibe brings you joy. So let’s look at a few types of looks and some ideas for landing them.

Calling For Curtains

Curtains can serve as the icing on the proverbial design cake. Take a small space and help it feel finished but bigger with sheer fabric curtains in an airy neutral tone, like natural beige. Or take an otherwise robust design scheme already rich with flair and help give that flair room to shine with cotton curtains in simple solid eggshell color.

Add a pop of vibe to a neutral or minimalist design scheme with a bold color like emerald green, a contemporary pattern, or maybe `blue and white embroidered floral curtains. Add some trim or tassels to your simple curtains for an eye-catching accent.

Sometimes you’d like a bit of privacy but not a full-on blackout. Want an extra pinch of privacy in your kitchen? Use a durable, performance fabric like an eco-friendly metal gray chenille, safe for the kitchen thanks to the performance strength of Crypton.

Desperate For Drapes

Drapes add an instant sense of formality to virtually any space, like with a vintage paisley patterned brocade. Or a bit of romance to a bedroom with textured deluxe velvet in pearl silver. 

Give definition, weight, and grounding to large spaces with drapes in a bold and heavy burgundy textured microsuede

And let there be dark in your bedroom, entertainment room, or anywhere else a bit of instant eclipse might come in handy. Try a heavy-duty velvet in midnight blue.

Better With Both

Sometimes you want to have it all. You need a combination of style and functionality. That’s what double and triple rods offer. Try double rods with some lilac purple microsuede curtains for style over an ivory sheer curtain for just a bit of privacy without losing too much light. 

Or use a triple rod to offer formality and function. Perhaps a fixed pleated and cinched outer layer in blue and green fleur-de-lis patterned jacquard over an eco-friendly gold-toned velvet for when you need some darkness. And finish it with an inner layer of white sheer panels. 

Time To Hang Some Curtains And Drape Yourself In Your Next Design Win

Who knew there was so much to know about curtains and drapes? We’ve hit you with a lot today (and yet somehow barely scratched the surface). But before we close things out, let’s oh-so-briefly touch on two questions:

Can you make your own curtains and drapes? Yes, check out this handy tour of no-sew options from The Spruce Crafts. And for those who sew, here’s what you need to know in a video tutorial from The DIY Mommy.

Can you hang your own curtains and drapes? Yes, again. Get right to it with this quick how-to from the folks at Better Homes & Gardens. Or check out this tour of 7 dos and don’ts from Zahira Cury at D.Signers to help you get your panels hung and avoid pitfalls along the way.

Curtains and drapes are a perfect cocktail of style and function. Take a beat to claim your design vibe and ponder what functionality you’re after. Then it’s on to the fun of choosing fabrics you love. And your team of experts at KOVI is just an email or call away with all the help you need

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