Church Upholstery: Tips On Doing It On Your Own

Churches: a place of sanctuary, of comfort, of faith. For some of us, it is our second home, an area where we spend most of our weekends enjoying the company of our religious family and praying together. Because it is holy and sacred, you only want the best for your church interiors.

If you plan to change the current covers of the pews, booths, and altar, you will be taking on a laborious job. But don’t fret; doing this is possible, and you can end up with the project well-done as long as you take the right measurements.

Starting Your Church Upholstery Project

  1. Know what you want to upholster. It is good to start with one aspect at a time: choose to change up pews, benches, or booths. Once you have decided which furniture needs new upholstering the most, then it’s time to take out the tools.
  2. Be ready with the equipment. The things you’ll initially need are: measuring tape, a pencil and notepad, and a calculator. Determine measurements and make room for errors; it is always better to have a bit of extra fabric than to purchase less.
  3. Know what to measure. For church pews with seat cushions, you will only need to measure the fabric on the seat by yards. A separate measurement is required if the back is also upholstered and padded. Add the measurements depending on how many pews you have.

Church kneelers may take less fabric than church pews, but measuring them takes caution, nonetheless. This furniture is among those which can easily wear out because of use. Take note of the hardware included with the upholstery. You might need new padding, a staple gun, and a sewing machine to put the new cover together.

Church booths and special seats may also need reupholstery in time. These couches may take more effort in measurements, especially if it is entirely upholstered. Take note of the fabric sizes on the handle, the seat, the back, and other obvious parts. If you have quite a number of church booths, you need to add up the measurements and leave a few more inches for the seams.

Church Pew Upholstery

Choosing The Right Church Upholstery Fabrics

Now that you’ve got the measurements, it’s time to choose the fabrics you’ll be covering your furniture with. You may choose to use the same color theme or take another variety to refresh your church’s interior. There are many types of church upholstery fabrics to choose from, and here at Kovi, we offer the widest range of materials for your various needs.

We previously talked about the factors on choosing church upholstery fabrics. Among our suggestions are minimal, solid-colored materials like the ones in our Solid Toned series. Metallic fabrics provide a brazen, classic finish that glimmers when lighted upon. Small patterns, like the ones in our Heirloom category, offer a timeless renaissance feel for traditional interiors.

Regarding strength, faux leather and vinyl are the best options. Because church pews, kneelers, and booths are regularly used, you’d want the material to be durable and long-lasting. Faux leather and vinyl offer a beautiful charm, and it’s perfect for those who value affordability.

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