Using Fabric for Home Decor Projects

Home decor projects need not be expensive. If you have some basic sewing skills, or perhaps you still have your trusty old sewing kit, you can use upholstery fabric to bring more life and personality to your home without having to spend too much!

I’ve come to realize that buying upholstery fabric and turning them into my own DIY decor projects for my home help me save money on otherwise expensive home decor pieces.


I use home decor upholstery fabric for a lot of my DIY sewing projects. With many materials to choose from, I feel that I have more control over the texture and colors. Since I can sew the pieces myself, I can also be sure of the size and fit of the decorator upholstery fabrics on the pieces of furniture that I would like to redecorate or improve.

Finished Projects

My favorite project so far was adding color-coordinated cushioned pads to our dining room chairs. They used to be these basic chairs with no armrests.

When the dining room walls were repainted with a nice, bright yellow shade, the chairs suddenly looked sullen in their plain dark brown look. I decided to add some yellow upholstery fabric filled with a thin layer of foam.

I made it so that it had detachable Velcro straps for every corner, which can be fitted onto the cushions to be attached to the legs. We had 6 dining room chairs, and the little pieces made them look like they actually belonged to the room!


I began using upholstery fabric for home decoration projects when I saw my grandmother add a cushioned pad to the armrests of my grandfather’s rocking chair.

I helped her sew the pieces, and there was a feeling of fulfillment when I saw how my grandfather enjoyed his enhanced rocking chair. I’ve also applied the same idea to smaller chairs. Aside from making chairs more comfortable, the fabric aims to cover hard edges to somehow childproof the furniture.

Materials Used

Since then, I’ve been making DIY home decor pieces with fabrics of different textures ranging from linen, wool, cotton, vinyl, and leather. These are my favorite natural fabrics, and I use them for most of my projects.

I’ve only started using leather, and I’ve found that it needs more precise cutting and measuring since there is little room for stretching. I’ve been thinking about trying out some silk but not on any piece of furniture. I’d like to try it for one of our old dim lamps in the room.

Home Decorating Fabrics

I’ve thought of using silk because I’ve tried using some rayon fabric for one of the footstools we have, and it has proven to be very durable. Another synthetic fiber I’ve used is acrylic—I used it to redecorate our faded patio seat cushions.

Making your own home decor can be a fun activity that gives you more control over the materials you use and where you can use them! Experiment with different decorator upholstery fabrics and practice your measuring and sewing skills—you can make your pieces of furniture look as good as new.

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