Using Trim in Fabric Design

The word “trim” implies something less than essential, but it’s a mistake to treat it like an afterthought when it comes to your decor. The right fabric trim can be that element that brings everything together. Think of it as the last puzzle piece that clicks into place and finally lets you see the full picture.

There are two basic categories of fabric trim: decorative and functional. Decorative trim’s purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing, while functional trim has a particular use. Trim features like tassels on a throw pillow can be both decorative and functional since you can grab the tassels when picking up the pillow and taking it into another room.

Fabric trim isn’t just used for pillows, though. You can also add it to curtains, rugs, couches, and more. The uses are limited only by the bounds of your imagination.

Take the D8874 Cherry Vanilla ball fringe fabric. The unique gold-red pattern suggests opulence, so this would work well for a centerpiece item that you want to feature prominently at your next dinner or cocktail party. But don’t mistake elegance for delicacy, as this fabric is rated for commercial and hospitality projects as well as residential ones.

D8874 is made primarily of acetate, plastic beads, and acrylic materials, along with smaller amounts of polyamide, cotton, metal, and polyester. But how do you clean it? Use a solvent-based solution to spot-clean it, or take it to be professionally cleaned.

If all that fringe feels too over-the-top for your personal style, then fear not: you can tone it down a little without seeming boring.

For a more understated sense of sophistication, try something like D8875 Wine, which is a cord with tape upholstery fabric. The cord pattern is a mix of five different colors: brown, bronze, gold, red, and burgundy. You’ll be tempted to trace your fingers over the fabric and marvel at the intricate yet sturdy design.

The fabric is a simple mix of cotton and rayon. The color is so intoxicating that you may be tempted to gaze upon it while drinking a glass of wine. But if you spill that wine, you’ll need a solvent-based solution to clean this fabric.

Sure, it doesn’t exactly look ostentatious, but it still requires a certain level of care. However, it is rated for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

A braided trim like this will work with just about any pattern with brown, red, or gold tones. Try adding it to a stylish rug in your bedroom or office area.

The D3546 Gilded Chocolate is notable because it’s made primarily of wooden tassels. Trim composed of wood translates to the style you can hear as it clacks against your hardwood floor.

Wooden fabric trim does not require any special type of cleaning. In fact, it’s so low maintenance that you won’t have to do much of anything to keep it nice and tidy. It catches the eye without catching a lot of grime and dirt.

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