What Can You Make With Satin?

Do you love satin fabrics but don’t know how to use them? Satin might seem like a pretentious fiber but working with it is easier than you think. So, what can you make with satin? I’ve put together some fun projects that will put different satin fabric pieces to good use. 

10 Satin Project Ideas


Yes, you heard me. Satin is a great material for bows because the sheen makes every bow look like an epitome of elegance. These bows can be used for many things:

  • Decorating hairbands
  • Making hair clips
  • Creating gift tags
  • Decorating gift boxes, or even for scrapbooking purposes

Sometimes, making a satin bow can be as easy as wrapping the material around a fork. 

Sleep Mask

When resting, you want to surround yourself with cool and soft bedsheets. Since satin sheets are considered a luxury product, satin sleep masks must also work like a charm. You can make a soft and comfortable sleep mask whenever you have some satin left over from your other projects. 

It’s one of the easiest satin projects out there, and you end up with a product that you’ll use on a nightly basis. 

Clothes Hangers

The addition of satin hangers can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any wardrobe or dressing area. Instead of using a plastic hanger for your underwear, upgrade to a satin one for a touch of elegance. 

Lingerie and other delicate clothes benefit from being hung from satin hangers, which also prevents wrinkling. Boutiques, stores, and homeowners all use satin hangers for their most delicate garments. Making your own satin clothes hanger is one of the easiest projects on this list, so why not try it?


Because of its sophisticated sheen and fluid drape, satin is frequently used for formal dresses and bridal gowns. Making a satin dress isn’t always easy, but this depends on the complexity of the project you’re looking to tackle. 

A satin dress is soft and lustrous, but some people claim satin isn’t the easiest fabric to work with if you’re a beginner at sewing.


Nothing beats the versatility of satin scarves. Not only can you match it with casual and elegant attire, but it’s also a wonderful material to have wrapped around your neck. The hypoallergenic nature of the fabric and the fact that it doesn’t irritate the skin are just two benefits that speak in favor of a satin scarf. 

It’s also very easy to sew, as the most challenging part is mostly settling on a print, color, or design. Some like to wear satin scarves in their hair because of the delicate nature of the material.

Hair Accessories

Imagine buying a dull hair clip and making a gorgeous flower or butterfly-shaped embellishment using a piece of satin fabric. Satin is a great way to turn a basic hair accessory into something spectacular and eye-turning. 

Such tutorials will primarily teach you techniques for working with satin fabric to give it any shape you want. I’ve seen people make some of the most adorable satin roses around. 

Wedding Bouquet

If you perform a simple Etsy search, you’ll see that a satin wedding bouquet costs anything from $50 to $250. If you lack the money to spend, you can make your bridal bouquet using satin, some brooches, and a little bit of patience and free time. 

You can make the bouquet in any color you want as long as you purchase satin in the colors of your choice. Making satin roses is very simple once you learn the right technique and adorning the bouquet is as simple as finding some brooches you like. 


Satin nightgowns are well-known for their luxuriously gentle touch. I’m sure you know that satin robes, lingerie, and nightgowns are some of the market’s best and most comfortable nightwear options. 

Making your own satin robe should be too complicated if you know your way around a sewing machine. Satin gowns can be rather expensive. Learning how to make your own won’t just save you money with your own gown; once you learn how to make one, you can gift these to your friends. Imagine how much money you can save next Christmas.

Coin Purse

If you want a gorgeous coin purse and none of the models you find on the market satisfy you, know that it’s quite easy to make your own. The process is similar to making just about any fabric coin purse. 

The benefit is that you can choose what the purse will look like because there are so many satin prints. You can also repurpose an old satin cloth or put some leftover pieces of satin from older projects to good use. 


Gloves made of satin can be stretched to fit almost anyone because of their elastic material. They appear wrinkle- and slip-free and silky smooth against the skin. Furthermore, elbow-length gloves are quite elegant, and you can wear them with a fancy dress. 

Granted, sewing gloves is not as easy as making satin roses, but the project is still fairly simple. YouTube has a plethora of help that can guide you through the process.


Is satin different than silk?

Satin is actually a weave rather than a natural fiber, whereas silk is a natural fiber fabric. This is the primary distinction between the two, even though they look similar.

What is satin made of?

Initially, satin was created out of silk, a long, continuous thread extracted from a silkworm’s cocoon. Polyester and rayon are two more materials that can be processed to produce long filaments used in the production of modern satin.

Is the satin machine washable?

Washing satin by hand is recommended over washing it in a machine because hand washing is easier on the material. However, exercise caution when using a washing machine.

Bottom Line

Elegant and fluid, satin is typically reserved for more formal occasions. However, its slippery and delicate nature makes it challenging to sew with. Now that you know what you can make with satin, you can start with any beginner-friendly projects. Note that you don’t even need a sewing machine for some of them! Now, take a look at our selection of satin fabric for your project!

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