What Color Should You Upholster Your Couch With?

When you’re choosing a color for your next sofa upholstery, you’re making a big decision for your home interior. Fret not because I’ll introduce to you a list of the best colors for couch upholstery.

Deciding on the perfect color will help elevate your space for a refreshing experience at home. This list contains a mix of bright and neutral colors to suit your preference.

How to Choose a Color for Sofa Upholstery

If you’re reupholstering your couch to fit your already decorated home, then it’s best to stick to the color palette or theme. You can match the color with the decorations you have or keep it neutral and versatile. 

Your color choice may also depend on the color of your wall. This technique makes your room look bigger and unified. 

But the best practice is to go for plain colors like white, beige, and grey. These colors do not make your sofa the center of attention. But they also don’t make your furniture look invisible.  

The Best Colors for Sofa Upholstery

Now that you know the criteria for choosing a couch upholstery color, consider these twelve color options!

  1. Grey

Nothing beats a grey couch in your home sweet home. This color has remained the most famous of all sofa upholstery colors for years because it’s versatile. It works so well with other colors, designs, and settings. 

Not only does it look good in your house, but it’s also the best color for office sofas. Grey is a neutral tone that serves as a fantastic foundation for any space. Add colored pillows, rugs, and throw blankets if it looks too dull for you.

Any grey fabric for the couch works well with accent pieces. And if you plan to change your home’s color palette, there’s no need to reupholster your grey couch. Try mountain grey, tone grey, or light grey for the ultimate versatility. 

  1. Brown

Brown is another well-known color for couch upholstery, specifically leather couches. There are many shades of brown, from light tan to chocolate brown and even deep, dark brown.

If you have kids and pets in the house, this color will last long. The marks won’t be visible even if they spill their drinks. Make sure to choose a fabric that is also stain and water-resistant. 

And who says brown is not a fun color? Add red patterned throw pillows, fuzzy pillows, and a blanket to add enthusiasm to your space. Or stick to a neutral palette for an earthy interior that feels cozy during fall and winter. 

  1. Blue

All shades of blue are excellent colors for your sofa. It’s a slightly wilder choice if you want something less boring than grey. It also looks fantastic in any part of the house. 

Blue is a superb color for Greek-inspired homes, industrial homes, and retro homes. Use it in many different styles with other different colors. Even a green curtain will blend well with your blue sofa if you choose a neutral shade like Palladian blue. 

The color blue can either be a statement piece or a neutral color for your room. Baltic blue is the perfect middle ground.

  1. Red

Red is one of the most daring colors you can choose for your sofa. You’ll often see this bold color in mid-century modern and traditional homes. But it has also found its way into contemporary minimalist homes.

A simple red sofa will look beautiful if you have a spacious room with only a few furnishings. Use it against your natural wall or with a white centerpiece. 

  1. Beige

Beige automatically comes to mind when we think of neutral colors. And that’s why this color has made it to our list. It’s a timeless classic even though grey and blue are now more popular.

Put a beige sofa in any fully furnished, themed room, and it will never look out of place. Your room will even look more admirable and deceiving. It’s also great for anyone who wants to make their cramped room look bigger.

  1. Cream

Cream is a different color from beige. It has a brighter neutral base with warm undertones. This color may look simple, but your sofa will look more inviting if combined with patterns or textures. 

It’s also easy to pair with colorful accessories. Every season, you can switch up different home decorations, and your cream sofa will continue to blend well. 

  1. White

White may not be an excellent idea for kids and pets, but it’s perfect for a mature and elegant living room. It’s as popular as grey and brown for similar reasons. 

But white is even better because it makes your living room look well taken care of. If you can keep a white sofa bright and tidy for years, that says a lot about you!

  1. Green

A green sofa is suitable for anyone who wants to bring luck into their home. It’s also the color most associated with nature.

Choose glacial green, soft green, or eco green to make your room feel cool. But if you value relaxation more, try juniper green or sage green.  

  1. Yellow

Got a plain, white living room? Brighten the mood with a yolky yellow couch. It makes a great conversation starter as it stands out in your home. 

If you’re hesitant to go overboard, mustard yellow is also lovely. These two yellows look great with burnt orange, frost green, and rusty red. You may also add raw furniture pieces for balance. 

  1. Pink

If you want to go bold and feminine, pink is the way to go. You rarely see a pink couch, so having one will make your guests remember you for it. 

Pink won’t hurt your eyes if you choose a chalky or dusty shade. Use textured fabrics like tweed and wool since they go well with the color. This upholstery material will look elegant and adaptable to any home. 

  1. Natural Linen

Natural linen is technically not a color, but it has a specific tint and feel that distinguishes it from others. It makes your living area look clean, fresh, and airy. 

You can place natural linen in any theme of the house. Like black, the upholstery fabric is versatile. Pair it with bright throw pillows and a blanket for maximum comfort.

  1. Subtle Patterns

Patterns are also not colors, but they are worth mentioning in this list. A striped couch that doesn’t look too vibrant will add depth to your living room without being overdone. Keep the patterns so small that they look like texture from afar. 

The Verdict

Trends come and go, but these 12 colors will always look good on your sofa upholstery. Go for neutrals if you frequently change your home’s color palette or choose bold colors to make a statement.
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