Working With Blue Leather

When it comes to leather, it’s easy to picture warm brown or sleek black leather. Basic white shades even come to mind. But leather comes in all sorts of colors. And a deep, rich blue shade looks great in leather.

The chair above shows how well deep blue leather goes with metal stud accents. The deep, cool shade even contrasts nicely with warmer wood tones. And there’s the natural texture juxtaposed with the cool modernity of a dark blue shade. That’s really what creates such a unique piece.

The deep blue color is versatile in a wide array of décor styles. It really does go with just about anything. It’s a nice shot of color in more neutral color schemes. It can function as a more subtle accent chair. But it also fits in with the bold colors of more artsy styles. Yet the shade itself is both rich and muted. So it complements rather than competes with other décor elements.

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