2022 Sofa Trends for Your Upholstery Project

There’s nothing like a new year to excite you about refreshing your space. Might we recommend starting with new upholstery and following the latest sofa trends? 

Your sofa is the most significant upholstery piece in your living area, making it the easiest way to make a big impact on your overall design. We’ve seen a lot of exciting sofa trends going into 2022, and we know you’ll be inspired to try one of these for your next sofa. 

Styles come and go, but specifying textiles for your home feels very personal. It can be challenging to find which trends work well with your current design style with a million choices out there. 

There’s been a lot of black, white, and cream floating around the design world, so it can feel like a safe choice. While it’s tempting to go for neutral textiles, 2022 sofa trends are singing a different tune.

Three different trends have stood out in the upholstery world for 2022. Interior design is leaning toward grid patterns, heavy textures, and large-scale prints in textiles. Let’s review the variety of these trends offers and how we’d use them for our sofa revamp this year. 

Grid Pattern

We’ve been impressed by the resurgence of grid-patterned textiles going into 2022. Design preferences aside, this style has been popping up in modern, traditional, and transitional interior design.

Gone are the days when plaid and checkered patterns were only for your parents. 2022 has made grid patterns fresh and new by not shying away from making a statement. This is what makes this style the perfect choice for your sofa upholstery. 

When it comes to upholstering a sofa, choosing a material that works well with the rest of your home decor is essential. Here’s a list of different grid patterns to explore:

  • Check
  • Plaid
  • Diamond
  • Prairie 
  • Double Prairie 

Have no fear if you’ve never decorated with this textile design before! We recommend keeping scale at top-of-mind when specifying this trend. 

Just because you’re working with a large sofa doesn’t mean you need to choose a large-scale pattern. Think about how your sofa would look from different distances and angles within your space. 

Also, remember to coordinate your fabric with any existing textile materials in your space! If your curtains and pillows have large-scale patterns, a more extensive grid pattern on the sofa would make a nice contrast.

Heavy Texture

When we picture upholstery for 2022, we can’t help but picture the 70s interior style. Think shag carpet, thick tweed upholstered furniture, or woven decor hanging from the ceiling and walls. You get the picture!

While envisioning 70s style might not inspire you, we see just as much texture going into 2022 upholstery trends. Think of elevated textures in saturated or jewel-toned colors. If you are drawn to the classic 70s orange and green, lean into that groovy 70s-style baby! This will be a fresh take on the old-school style.

Each material type gives off a different effect. The term “heavy” can be used to describe the “hand” or feel of the textile while also describing how something looks visually. These are the top textiles to source from when searching for heavy texture:

  • Faux Leather
  • Genuine Leather
  • Tweed
  • Microfiber
  • Polyester

Consider what design styles you’re most drawn to when specifying a specific type of material. Traditional design lovers lean toward genuine leather and tweed textiles, while transitional styles usually involve more faux leather or microfiber. Polyester is a more versatile material commonly found in modern textile designs. 

Given the nature of a sofa, think about how often you’d be using the sofa and what textile would be most comfortable sitting on for long periods. If you find tweed too scratchy or leather too cool to the touch, maybe incorporate tose materials on a sofa you won’t use as often.

We get to have the best of both worlds in design! Sometimes this means applying the more practical material in the high traffic areas while sprinkling in gorgeous leather or tweed. 

Large Scale Print

Since large-scale prints have been trendy in the interior space, it’s been a while! In the late 90s and early 2000s, many waves, swirls, florals, and clouds took over the upholstery world. Since then, we’ve seen a decline in large-scale print, that is, until now!

We’ve been racking our brains about why this trend has made its way around the sun, and we think we know why. In the world of Pinterest and social media and aspirational everything, more and more people are investing time into cultivating a meaningful space.

For many years we’ve seen trends come and go, but the boldness of large-scale print is here to stay. Why, you may ask? Individuality. Design lovers enjoy being the first to try something unique and different. They have a knack for seeking out those one-of-a-kind prints that make it big, like Mossoni’s colorful and thin chevron prints.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of finding the next big thing in sofa trends, keep these ideas in mind while shopping for upholstery:

  • Pattern Print
  • Abstract Print
  • Bold Print
  • Subtle Print

The fun thing about scale in textiles is that it transcends design styles. Unless, of course, the material is plain to begin with. 

Q & A

Question: How do I know which upholstery trend would work on my sofa?

Answer: We recommend you note which trends you’re most drawn to and what would blend seamlessly into your current design style. If you’re not looking to overhaul your current decor, take stock of what patterns you have in your home, the colors within your space, and what pattern scale would work best. 

Question: Can I incorporate all three 2022 sofa upholstery trends into my project? I like the idea of using a grid pattern with heavy texture and a large scale. 

Answer: Of course, you can use all three textile trends simultaneously! Consider an abstract diagonal grid-like C2528 Black or the colorful D1996 Magenta. 

Question: What if I find a textile I like and then look for a sofa to upholster? Is that an option, and do you have any recommendations?

Answer: As textile lovers, we always find ourselves in this situation! Take into account what style of sofa you’re most drawn to. Maybe a modern sofa with a more traditional pattern is the juxtaposition you’re looking for! This is an excellent approach when applying upholstery trends to your design project. 

Trendy 2022

Watching trends come and go makes being a design lover exciting! The ebb and flow of styles allow us to discover new and rediscovered old favorites. The sofa trends of 2022 may look a bit more in-your-face than years past, but we’re excited to see what our fellow design enthusiasts create in the process. 

Wishing you happy textile hunting in the new year! We’d love to know which of the three trends you feel most drawn to for 2022. Is there anything you’re likely to incorporate into your sofa upholstery project?

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