We Predict the Interior Design Trends in 2022

As we enter into a New Year, we can’t help but wonder about the interior design trends in 2022. Are the neutral cream and whites going to be as popular? Will millennial pink be trendy again so we can pull out those pink throw pillows from 2017? We’re thinking not.

Trendspotting is our favorite thing to do, and we can’t help but notice a renewed interest in one particular design trend: traditional interiors. Yes, you read that correctly. Traditional interior design styles are back. 

The word traditional can be interpreted in many different ways in interior design. We think of mixed patterns, intricate details, and history when we hear the word traditional. You can expect to see design lovers hunting for antiques, opting for ornate details over minimalist decor, and raiding their family members’ homes for heirloom pieces to bring home.

The rise in popularity of traditional interior design might seem like a fluke, but it makes perfect sense. The last five or six years of design trends have been in the less-is-more category. It was only a matter of time before our interests swung in the opposite direction toward details in design.

Have no fear; this doesn’t mean your home will turn into your parents from the 90s. Although, that is a sub-trend going around, and we don’t hate it. There are, however, new and refreshing ways designers are combining old and new styles to create a fresh take on traditional design. 

We’ve recently seen a lot of block-print textiles traditionally designed by countries in the east such as China and India. The handmade block-print designs work beautifully mixed with plaid, paisley, or stripes. Thus, making it the perfect addition to the traditional design boom of 2022!

Not as interested in print? No problem! We’re seeing soft linens, silver serveware, and antique gold frames make a comeback as well. Incorporating traditional style into your home doesn’t have to be jarring or difficult to achieve. 

Sustainable Shopping

We’re seeing many home decor shoppers taking their first steps inside vintage and antique shops, looking to find treasures to fill their homes.

Design lovers are here for the hunt and making a significant dent in the thrift industry. The less we buy for our homes, the less that ends up in the landfill. We find that trends are often the thing contributing to the landfill so it’s nice to see a change in how design enthusiasts source materials.

Shopping for trends can be tricky, but we won’t hesitate to encourage you to give new life to your family heirlooms or make frequent stops at your local vintage store. Beautiful design is everywhere but our favorite traditional furniture pieces already exist! Nothing beats the ornate details, solid wood, and great prices. We can continuously refresh furniture with clean-up and new upholstery! 

Just because we’re cozying up with our old friend, traditional interior design doesn’t mean we’re ready to embrace all of her shades—specific interior design color trends for 2022 that pair well with traditional styles. 

No one shade is going to be the focus for 2022. We’re seeing a lot of blue, green, purple, and yes, a little bit of pink going into 2022. The greens can range from sage to forest, blues from baby to navy, and purples from lavender to plum. 

The best part of this trend is that it doesn’t demand you hide your old decor to fit the color scheme. The traditional design embraces a bit of history, even if that looks like black and brown books or brass lamps. These pieces will provide contrast and interest within a space. The traditional design is not a moment in time; it is a collection over time. 

Traditional Design Refresh

Did you find a traditional piece of furniture that you want to make new?  Or would you like to reupholster a piece of furniture to meet the traditional design trend? We have an extensive catalog of traditional textile options. Here are our top textile picks for interior design trends of 2022:

We love seeing how the traditional style can be interpreted in many different ways. Playing with layers of textiles allows you to develop a custom design to fit your taste for traditional interiors. Whether that looks like large patterns or soft linen, textile can help you set the tone for your space.

Q & A

Question: What is the top interior design trend for 2022?

Answer: The number one trend is a new traditional design with green, blue, and purple colors. 

Question: How do you start adding traditional design elements into your space? 

Answer: We recommend shopping for antiques or reupholstering furniture, pillows, or curtains. 

Question: Is traditional interior design here to stay?

Answer: Yes, many people find comfort in the resurgence of this style. We feel that many millennials will continue to incorporate traditional design into their homes for years to come. 

Question: Which family heirlooms meet the 2022 design trend?

Answer: We’re big fans of high-quality furniture, well-kept linens, silver or brass accessories, and art. As always, we encourage you to keep anything you love or find meaningful to you and your family. There’s something so special about enjoying furniture or decor passed down from generation to generation. 

What’s Old Is New

Here are the interior design trends in 2022! We know you might not have had traditional interiors in mind, but we just couldn’t help and let you in on this interior design trend for 2022. There’s something fun about knowing you can shop your grandmother’s linen closet or china cabinet for new table settings. 

The best part about interior design is the history that it holds. Every item in your home has a story attached to it. Our favorites are always the ones we picked up at a random flea market, inherited from a family member, or revived with a bit of DIY work. 

Traditional as a trend is forcing us to look at our homes differently in 2022. We can’t wait to see how you incorporate the style into your space!

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