9 Best Couch Materials for Dogs

Do you let your dog stay on your furniture? If yes, your couch’s scratches, stains, and odors are your number one enemy. Don’t worry, the best couch materials for dogs can stand against these troubles.

I’ve rounded up nine of the best couch materials for dogs who like lounging with you. These materials will prevent you from constantly cleaning and repairing your furniture piece!

1. Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is the number one furniture material for any pet owner. The go-to fabric is the top recommendation among long-term pet owners because of its durability. Even if you’re not-so-gentle giant jumps on the couch, the material will not easily tear. 

Your dog’s sharp claw will also not puncture through the material. Leather is a solid and natural fabric with no wide pores in the weave. That means even the tiniest nails won’t get caught in genuine leather.

Scratches won’t also be a problem because they will help give your furniture natural distress. Many people pay a hefty amount for that worn-in feel on leather couches. 

Another advantage of leather is that it’s easy to clean. Simply wipe the couch with a damp cloth if your dog wipes their saucy mouth on it. But most of these benefits come with a price. Leather furniture is a huge investment that will cost you an arm and a leg. 

2. Pleather

Pleather is an excellent idea if you don’t have enough money to buy genuine leather. It’s the synthetic version of leather that is just as attractive and non-absorbent. The material also doesn’t hold onto smells in case your messy dog lays on it. 

Although you can quickly wipe any stain off the knockoff fabric, it’s still not as durable as natural leather. And it doesn’t buff as well when a dog scratches it. So be extra careful in handling this material.  

3. Microfiber

If scratch-proofing your couch is your top priority, microfiber is the best option for you. The rips and scratches will never be visible no matter how powerful your furry friend’s claws are. It’s also very easy to remove dog fur from the fabric with a lint brush.

It’s not as non-absorbent as leather, but still great at repelling stains. And if scratch-proofing your couch is your top priority, microfiber is the best option for you. The rips and scratches will never be visible, no matter how powerful your furry friend’s claws are. It’s also effortless to remove dog fur from the fabric with a lint brush. And any stains your dog makes with soap and water. The only problem with microfiber is its price. You’ll be spending more despite the ordinary couch designs.

4. Outdoor Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabric is initially designed for outdoor seating because of its ability to withstand heavy snow and rain. But you can also use it as an indoor couch since it can hold up to your dog’s wear and tear. 

There are so many patio or garden couches that look good in living rooms. For instance, rattan sets are trendy enough to place inside the house without fear of your dog ruining it. Outdoor materials are also more affordable than microfiber and genuine leather!

But beware of your acrylic fabric couch’s cushioning. It’s too light and porous that you won’t feel comfy sitting on it. Try more supportive couch materials if you spend a long time sitting on the couch. 

5. Canvas

Canva is not just for making artwork or ship sails. It’s also one of the best couch materials for dogs. That’s because the tight weaving also prevents dog fur from getting inside the material. And, guess what? It doesn’t wrinkle as much as linen!

A canvas couch or slipcover is so tightly woven that it can withstand your dog’s sharp nails. Its texture and ease of cleaning are like denim but more versatile. And it has a natural look that fits most interior designs.

One downside to canvas is its lack of comfort compared to cotton and leather. It’s not the softest material, and it’s not available in several colors and designs. But what should you expect from an affordable couch fabric?

It’s also challenging to find in stores since manufacturers do not enjoy making canvas couches. Oftentimes, dog owners would just have their canvas furniture custom-built. 

6. Denim

Denim isn’t a popular couch fabric choice. It looks too heavy and hard, causing discomfort when you’re sitting. You would rather wear it in jeans and a jacket. But allow me to change your mind.

Denim is almost as sturdy and protective as genuine leather. Your dog won’t damage it even if they jump, rub their body on it, and dig with their nails. But what makes it better than leather is its breathable property. 

Even if it’s woven together, the weave is very tight-fitting. It promotes air circulation without letting their nails or teeth get caught. Plus, it makes your home look more laid-back and younger.

Denim furniture is a rare niche fabric. So, if you find one in your local furniture shop, never let it go again! It will save you from future repairs caused by your dog. 

7. Tight-Weave Twill

Twill is also one of the best couch materials for dogs. It’s not a type of fabric but a weave style from cotton or a blend of polyester and cotton. Look for one with the correct thread count and a textured pattern so that it can survive your dog’s scratches.

Textured twill patterns are better than standard printed ones. The best choices are serge weaves, herringbone, and houndstooth. 

These couches are easy to find. But if you don’t want a tight-weave twill, you can buy a slipcover made of the same material. 

8. Short-Pile Cotton Velour

Replace your fur-magnetizing velvet couch with a dog-friendly velour made of polyester and cotton. The knitted fabric has more stretch than velvet, making it ideal for your dog to lay and play on. 

Short-pile cotton velour is also resistant to scratches. But make sure that it comes in a rub count of 100,000 to 200,000.  

Dogs also produce that natural smell even if you shower them with perfume, powder, and conditioner. Low-pile fabrics are the best in preventing them. The fabric has fewer materials that trap your dog’s scent, so your room won’t reek. 

9. Protected Fabrics

You can buy a fabric protector instead of looking for a new couch that will survive your dog’s rough demands. These protectors will easily prevent odors and stains which your dog might make. But they won’t shield your sofa from rips. 

Many hotels and cruise ships use these fabric protectors to stain-proof the furniture and keep them fresh. They also prohibit the growth of unwanted bacteria. 

Bottom Line on the Best Couch Materials for Dogs

Choosing the correct couch fabric when you own a dog helps prevent damage and repairs in the future. Some of the best materials include microfiber, leather, and canvas.

Remember that the best couch materials for dogs stay in good condition no matter how many scratches and stains they encounter. And they shouldn’t trap your dog’s smell!

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