A Classic Look With Country Scene Fabrics

The chair above shows how fabrics depicting old country scenes don’t have to look outdated and out of place. This chair is part of a French vintage style. But a look like this could work in retro, eclectic, or general country/rustic styles, as well.

Unless a style is very retro, using a country scene fabric on a whole large piece of furniture like a sofa could look overbearing. However, used as accent backing on a chair, it adds a classy country touch. The rest of the chair would look good with a rustic, textured fabric of a matching color. An example would be the flaxen fabric shown last on the list of similar country fabrics below, which matches the lighthouse theme above it.

Interested in a similar style? The list below features both historic country themes and more modern or timeless themes like lake scenes. You can also browse other classic themes in the heirloom section here, the country section here, or the toile section here.

Classic Heirloom Linen Upholstery


Toile Print Upholstery


Boat Theme Tapestry Upholstery


Pine Theme Tapestry Upholstery


Lighthouse Theme Tapestry Upholstery


Complementary Country Fabric: Flaxen Neutral Solid Linen Upholstery


Are You Looking for Country Fabrics?

Country fabrics are a chic choice for vintage or eclectic decor, but they can easily look overbearing. Don’t worry, Kovi Fabrics offers versatile country-themed upholstery to blend in with your decor. Shop our collection today!

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