Getting Color and Culture with Southwest Fabrics

When looking at American Southwest themes, common color schemes are usually sandy brown or beige colors, adobe red, and maybe cactus green. But American Southwest design styles are commonly also inspired by Latin American styles. Common decor pieces include striped serapes, Talavera pottery, and classic Mexican ceramic pieces, many of which work as dazzling, colorful accents.

The sofa above was inspired by Peruvian blankets, lending it something of a mild American Southwest feel. It hints at the colorful south-of-the-boarder art seen in Southwest styles. It was even dubbed the “Technicolor Dream Couch.”

Craving something a bit similar? You might not have to go all bold unless you want to. A pattern like this would work great on an accent chair or even as just part of a chair. The photo above shows how colorful patterns work as an accent in a neutral color scheme in a more modern home. They would also look good in colorful, eclectic design schemes. So if you’d like a colorful, cultured theme, below are some American Southwest fabrics that are similar in feel to the sofa above. You can also browse Southwest fabrics here.

Southwestern Ranch Tapestry Upholstery 


Contemporary Linen Upholstery


Ikat Cotton Upholstery


Cotton Upholstery Fabric


Abstract Print Upholstery


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