A Stunning Rustic Tiny Home

Tiny homes are a huge trend right now and with good reason. There’s one major appeal. It’s taking a look inside them and seeing how the designers managed to make a homey feel in such a small space. And creative uses of décor elements like upholstery go a long way in making a tiny space feel like home. The photo above is from woodworker Ana White. It shows how some understated textiles go a long way for rustic home decor.

The textured black chair seat fabric gives some subtle visual interest to the space. Meanwhile, the gray and white rug adds some class. They’re both neutral enough to go with the warm wood elements and white walls.

If you’d like to try a similar look, you can see some textured black fabrics below, along with white and silver geometric designs. You can also see our black geometric patterns here. And you can see our gray and white geometric patterns here.

If you are interested in reading more about modern rustic home decor, please follow the link to this great article by Redfin.

Small Raised Diamond Brocade Jacquard Upholstery

Anchor Black Geometric Cotton

Sterling Gray Geometric Cotton

Gray Ikat Jacquard Upholstery

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