Working With Wood and Leather to Create Rustic Bench Seating

Textured wood and brown leather are mainstays in rustic bench design schemes. But the photo above off Pinterest shows how well the two textures work together on a bench. This is a banquet-style bench that you’d normally see in a restaurant setting. But it shows how well the two textures go together. The dark chocolate brown upholstery is also a nice accent against the warm, bright, knotted wood.

This rustic bench might work in a home if the kitchen features booth-like seating or even a smaller version of something like this bench inside a mudroom. The furniture you choose wouldn’t necessarily need to be as involved as the photo above. It could be something like this:

If you’d like to combine leather and wood into a bench style, below are some of our custom genuine leather selections. There’s also a faux leather grain if you’re not looking to commit to genuine leather. You can also see all of our genuine leather selections here. And our leather grain selections are here.

Brunette Brown Genuine Leather

Cafe Brown Genuine Leather

Tobacco Leaf Brown Genuine Leather

Coffee Brown Distressed Plain Breathable Leather Texture

Try Making a Rustic Bench

Before making this rustic bench, make sure you have the right materials. High-quality leather is one of the first materials you should look for. Fortunately, Kovi Fabrics has a massive selection of genuine leather. Shop our leather fabrics today!

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