Repurposed Church Pew

The bench in the photo above is what it looks like: a repurposed church pew. Something like this would be good both for residential and commercial uses. If you had a long wall in a home, for instance, this might make a unique accent piece.

What’s interesting is the distressed paint job on the church pew, along with a neutral geometric fabric. The neutral fabric doesn’t take away from or compete with the teal coloring on the wood. But it also nicely juxtaposes a bright, clean look against the distressed wood.

If you’d like to try something similar, you can see some of our brown geometric fabrics below. All these selections would also go well with anything. That means they’re perfect for combining with some deep-colored paint on wood, like in the photo. You can also see all our brown geometric patterns here.

Barley Neutral and Brown Asian Cotton

Brown Artistic Interlocking Circles Pattern Damask

Bark Brown Geometric Woven Upholstery

Sandstone Brown Diamond Cotton Upholstery

Find the Best Fabric for Your Church Pew

Now that you know how to reupholster a church pew, it’s time to find your fabric. Kovi Fabrics has a wide selection of stylish upholstery that will look great on your newly upholstered bench. Take a look at the new fabrics we have in stock!

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